6 Steps To 7 Figures PDF Free Download

I’m really excited to announce that my new book Six Step Six Figure System is now available! Click HERE to purchase it now! This course covers the 6 steps I recommend for building your business in great detail! In addition, I’ve even included a special bonus section for each step full of valuable material!

The 6 steps I recommend (and contained in the book) are:

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1. Generate Start Up Capital and Prepare For Selling Online
2. Low Risk Buying and Selling (Arbitrage)
3. Buy Wholesale, Sell Retail
4. Private Labeling – Start a Brand!
5. Outsource!
6. Build Your Brand and Expand!

In this book, you’ll learn this:

1. Generate Start Up Capital and Prepare For Selling Online:

✔ Ideas for generating start up capital right away! (including an optional free supplemental resource with 15 ideas! (15 “official” ideas and even more bonus ideas!*)

✔ Information on getting legal and setting up your Amazon account

✔ Clear information on obtaining a DBA, and easy links to get you started with an LLC, and your EIN (tax ID)

2. Low Risk Buying and Selling (Arbitrage):

6 Steps To 7 Figures PDF Free Download

✔Money Saving Ideas to maximize your initial investment!

✔Apps to choose from to help your efforts (paid and free!)

✔Details on pricing to beat your competitors!

✔A section devoted to online arbitrage

✔Learn about expanding to restricted categories

✔Creative sourcing- ideas of places to go, types of items to look for and suggestions that will potentially open up an endless sources of inventory you have not thoughts of!

3. Buy Wholesale, Sell Retail:

✔Choosing a great niche right off the bat!

✔The secret of selecting great keywords and the Amazon keyword advantage!

✔How to identify a winning product

✔Step by Step guide through the process, from finding a product to finding a supplier to setting up an account to purchasing, listing and selling!

✔Non-traditional wholesale solutions

4. Private Labeling – Start a Brand!

✔A Step by Step Guide through the entire process!

✔Breakdown of each step (from finding a supplier, to choosing a brand name to creating artwork/packaging, and more!

✔Creative ways to get around those pesky high minimums that overseas suppliers have!

✔How to filter your suppliers to get rid of the scammers and reduce your risk!

✔The exact promotion strategy that I’ve used again and again to get my products to the front page of Amazon for their keywords!

5. Outsource!

✔Creating a win/win with your team members

✔The outsourcing formula: how to know when you’re ready

✔The best tasks to outsource

6 Steps To 7 Figures PDF Free Download

✔Moving from outsourcing a task to building a team


✔Link to free supplemental resource to help your outsourcing endeavors!

6. Build Your Brand and Expand!

✔Four Specific areas to expand

✔How to Expand your product selection with less risk!

✔How to drive more traffic

7 Figures Of Speech

✔How to create and utilize an email list

✔How to get reviews on your products and get sales simultaneously

✔How to build a list and launch a product simultaneously

✔Overview of social media including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and More!

How Much Is 7 Figures

✔The most effective types of Youtube videos (and you don’t have to make them yourself!)

✔Overview and effective strategies for paid advertising

✔Expanding beyond Amazon

✔Building your Business on eBay

6 steps to 7 figures pdf free download. software

✔Building your Business on your own website!

6 Steps To 7 Figures PDF Free Download Adobe Reader

✔A list of several other websites to expand to!

7 Figures Jobs

and much much more!


(*note the supplemental resource for step 1 will be available even to all subscribers even if you don’t buy the book!)