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The DA Form 4856 is a developmental counseling form with four parts namely; Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV. Filling of this form is a responsibility of the officer (leader) and the soldier (Subordinate).

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  • Individuals got wet. Since all instructors were sleeping in a separate shelter and there was not a set leader for that day (previous leaders had completed their obligations at bedtime, and the leaders for the next day were not to begin leading until the following morning), the students were leaderless, and therefore an emergent leader was needed.
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  • ‘C’ in their title. Leaders can be found at many levels in our communities, businesses, organizations, and in homes across the world. On the other hand, a person can receive the title of manager based on an organization’s structure; but not all managers are true leaders. In contrast, true leadership can be determined, observed and measured.

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1. The first past is administrative data which captures the data of the soldier to be counseled. The name will include the first name, last name and middle initials. The rank and grade of the person involved is also captured. Other important data captured on the first part of the form are the social security number; date which the counseling is made and the organization of the subordinate. The last column of the administrative data part captures the name and title of the counselor.

2.The background information is recorded in part II of the form. In this part, the leader is expected to state the reason for the counseling session. The reason for example, could be professional/performance or an event oriented counseling and this could include the leader’s observations and facts on the issue before the counseling was scheduled. It is important for the leader to add specific pertinent and objective facts or any specific observation made. Note, there may have been a previous counseling section. Therefore, it is advisable if possible for the leader and their subordinate to start the session by having a review of the plan of action agreed previously.

3. Part III of the form summarizes the counseling session. This is simply noting down the key point of the discussion. It is important to note that this part should be filled during or immediately before the commencement of counseling. At this point, effort should be made by the leader and the subordinate to develop a mutual understanding of the underlying issues. Both the leader and the subordinate are expected to provide specific observations or examples so as to reduce the perception of bias and unnecessary judgmental from both parties.

4. On the back side of the DA Form 4856 PDF, there is a column for the plan of action. The leader is expected to highlight actions required of the subordinate to carry out after the counseling section to reach the agreed goal. The plan of action should be SMART. For example, it should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. The actions must be in such a way that can modify or maintain the subordinate’s behavior with the timeline for implementation and assessment. It is important to understand that in event oriented counseling with corrective training as part of the plan of action, it cannot be tied to a specific time frame .Note that the corrective training will be complete once the subordinate attains the required standard.

5. The plan of action should be followed by a session closing. In this column, the leader is expected to summarize the key points of the discussion and assess the subordinate’s understanding of the plan of action. Then, the subordinate agree or disagree and provide remarks if applicable. The subordinate proceed to sign his signature and date of the counseling.ions. You don’t have to list everything you were responsible for here, just the highlights. If you were promoted during your employment, mention that.

6. The leader responsibilities column is where the leader should list the necessary resources and commit to provide them for the subordinate. This is followed by the counselor signature and date.

7. The part IV of the DA 4856 fillable form is the assessment of the plan of action. This is where the plan of action is assessed to see if it produced the desired result. It should be signed by both the leader and the subordinate.

Leadership Objective Questions and Answers

Leadership Objective Questions and Answers Pdf Download for Exam Leadership Multiple choice Questions.Quiz Leadership Test Questions

1. Which of the following statements best captures the nature of leadership as it should be for your business to ensure your continued future success? Leadership Questions

A. Leaders focus on budgeting, aligning people with a shared vision and solving problems

B. Leader focus on setting direction, align people with a shared vision and motivating people

C. Leaders focus on motivating people, planning and organizing and staffing

Answer: B

2. When a conflict arises between two employees, what first step might a leader take? Leadership Questions

A. Step in and quickly help employees mediate the conflict- to avoid any unnecessary escalation

B. Step back and encourage employees to resolve the conflict themselves- so they will learn how to resolve conflicts on their own and handle future issues

C. Step out of the “field of action “ for a moment, to gain insights into the nature of the conflict.

Answer: C

3. What are the three most effective ways to identify what needs to change in an organization? Leadership Questions

A. Create mechanism that help identify deviations from desired results, monitor outcomes and look for conflicts that indicate what needs to change.

B. Listen to concerns of people inside and outside the organization, look for conflicts as clues to what need to change and look at oneself and the team as reflections of things that need to change.

C. Retain a consulting firm to conduct an objective assessment of the company’s issues, assign problem-solving reading material to the staff and look for conflicts as clues to what needs to change

Answer: B

4. Which of the following is the best step a leader can take when employees express concerns about a rumored change within the organization? Leadership Questions

A. Reassure employees that everything is going to be all right and that the company upper management is working to develop an effective plan

B. Invite employees to express their concerns and shares ideas to help ease the stress they are feeling and to empower them to work together to contribute toward a shared solution

C. Minimize discussion about the rumors until a clear plan is ready for implementation this gives senior managers time to develop an effective plan.

Answer: B

5. Managers regularly take time to talk to salespeople about things that are important to them. Leadership Questions

A. Never

B. Rarely

C. Usually

D. Always

Answer: D

6. Frequently committed mistakes should be corrected by… Leadership Questions

A. explaining to every individual without disrupting the practice.

B. ending the practice early before they become habits.

C. stopping the practice for a while and point them out to the trainees.

Answer: C

7. Which of the following is correct? Leadership Questions

A. Hand movement, volume and eye contacts are body language.

B. Volume, rate and clarity give the vocal impact.

C. Volume and clarity give the verbal impact.

Answer: B

8. By concluding your lesson with a last demonstration, you… Leadership Questions

A. ensure that the trainees will be more interested in your future lessons.

B. inspire the trainees to practice at home.

C. leave your trainees with a correct mental picture before they leave.

Answer: C

9. Which of the following should not be done when teaching a lesson? Leadership Questions

A. Gives a lot of information so that the trainees can pick up more knowledge.

B. Introduce the lesson objectives, outline and expectation from the trainees.

C. Put the trainees at ease so that they will not fear you as an instructor.

Answer: A

10. When conducting a debrief you should… Leadership Questions

A. be bold and honest, and not afraid to hurt people’s feeling.

B. should get every team member to voice out their feeling and opinions.

C. make it as short as possible because everybody is tired.

Answer: B

11. It is important to check on the trainees during their practice because… Leadership Questions

A. it will give them a bad impression if you are not doing anything.

B. they might be taking too much time to learn.

C. this can prevent mistakes from becoming habits to them.

Answer: C

12. Which of the below is an example of democratic leadership? Leadership Questions

A. “We can go to the zoo or bird park for this outing. I am OK with anything.”

B. “I need your feedback before I make decision. Please speak out.”

C. “Everybody will fall in at 1400 hour sharp.”

Answer: B

13. A leader must.. Leadership Questions

A. always lead with the objectives in mind.

B. always make decisions that are popular to his people.

C. remove those who do not support his ideas or hinder his plans.

Answer: A

14. In a lesson summary, you should.. Leadership Questions

A. ask a lot of questions to test the trainees’ understanding.

B. be brief and recapture the key points.

C. state the lesson objectives and outline.

Answer: B

15. Which of the below is an example of autocratic leadership? Leadership Questions

A. “We can go to the zoo or bird park for this outing. I am OK with anything.”

B. “I need your feedback before I make decision. Please speak out.”

C. “Everybody will fall in at 1400 hour sharp.”

Answer: C

16. If a team member is not cooperative in the execution, you should… Leadership Questions

A. warn him openly so that others will not learn from him.

B. talk to him in private and avoid causing any disunity in your team.

C. give him some “goodies” so that he will be motivated to work.

Answer: B

17. It is important that through squad management, you can… Leadership Questions

A.really be concern about your Boys.

B. learn how to command and control difficult Boys.

C. know officers’ difficulties in running a company.

Answer: A

18. Eye contact with your audiences can be maintained by… Leadership Questions

A. always looking at a few people.

B. looking at the first row of audiences.

C. looking at every individual in a regular pattern.

Answer: C

19. A leader who is honest in speech and upright in character exhibits Leadership Questions

A. Patience.

B. Servanthood.

C. Integrity.

Answer: C

20. In the execution stage, you should… Leadership Questions

A. stay away from unimportant tasks and supervise the whole execution.

B. gather your team regularly for debrief and checking.

C. “lead by example” by helping in all major and minor tasks.

Answer: A

21. Which of the below is an example of laissez-faire leadership?

A. “We can go to the zoo or bird park for this outing. I am OK with anything.”

B. “I need your feedback before I make decision. Please speak out.”

C. “Everybody will fall in at 1400 hour sharp.”

Answer: A

22. By putting suitable people to be in charge of certain tasks…

A. you can work on important areas and supervise the entire plan.

B. you know who to blame for it anything goes wrong.

C. you can reduce your mental stress.

Answer: A

23. Which of the following is correct?

A. Rate is the speed in which you move your hands.

B. Frequent use of “Okay” makes your speech more interesting.

C. Use simpler words for your instructions.

Answer: C

24. The squad system was devised by our founder so that…

A. the officers can be free for important areas of the company.

B. the senior Boys can command the junior Boys and gain their respect.

C. the officers can spend more time with their family.

Answer: A

25. Which of the following has the greatest impact in your presentation?

A. Body language.

B. Vocal impact.

C. Verbal impact.

Answer: A

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26. Which of the following is correct?

A. Debrief can be omitted if the team will not be working together in future.

B. More time should be spent in execution and less on planning.

C. Plans not completed on time can, sometimes, be as good as not done at all.

Answer: C

27. The purpose of debrief is…

A. for the leader voice out his unhappiness about the execution.

B. those who quarrelled in the execution to argue their cases.

C. to reflect on what has taken place and improve on future projects.

Answer: C

28. Before giving a demonstration you should…

A. summarize the lesson and emphasize the key points.

B. have a last practice so that you will be more confident.

C. position yourself so that everybody can see you.

Answer: C

29. When checking on the team members or I/Cs, make sure that…

A. they follow your guidelines and are able to meet the expectations.

B. they follow your methods exactly.

C. their plans must fit your style of working.

Answer: A

30. Why is it advisable to get demonstrators for your lessons?

A. Because if anything goes wrong you can inform them.

B. To avoid having all the trainees looking at you.

C. So that you can concentrate on your explanation.

Answer: C

31. You may maintain less eye contact with audiences who are...

A. very interested in your presentation.

B. not showing interest and are distracting to you.

C. listening to you for the first time.

Answer: B

32. What is verbal impact?

A. It is the words and sentence constructions used in your speech.

B. It is the loudness and clarity of your speech.

C. It is your body improvement and posture.

Answer: A

33. Leadership may be defined as…

A. the ability to motivate people to work towards a common goal.

B. the ability to command people to work towards a common goal

C. the ability to discipline people

Answer: A

34. Good communication skills and motivation techniques…

A.are the foundation of leadership.

B. will earn you respect from people.

C. are helpful to your leadership.

Answer: C

35. A leader should not…

A. be confident.

B. magnify his achievement.

C. receive encouragement.

Answer: B

36. Eye contact with your audiences is important because…

A. it tells them that you are interested in them.

B. it makes them afraid and listen to you.

C. it is impolite to have your eyes “wonder” around.

Answer: A

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37. It is good to be creative in your planning but…

A. do not break the traditions.

B. focus on your objectives.

C. you must execute the details personally so that they will be what you want.

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Answer: B

38. Effective up-front speaking…

A. will improve the commitment of your people.

B. helps you to capture the interest and comprehension of your audiences.

C. makes your plans successful.

Answer: B

39. The first step in designing your plans is…

A. study your resources and limitations.

B. define your objectives.

C. design the action plans.

Answer: B

40. A leader must know how to lead because…

A. this will keep his team motivated and effective by meeting their objectives.

B. without challenges, people will feel bored.

C. this is how leadership potential can be measured.

Answer: A

41. Your boss made a bad decision. Do you advise your boss, or just do what you are told ?

A. Advise your boss

B. Just do what you are told

C. Resign, find another job

D. None of these

Answer: A

42. You find out something illegal is going on in your operation, do you blow the whistle, or say nothing ?

A. Say nothing

B. Resign, find another job

C. Blow the whistle

D. None of these

Answer: C

43. Someone who has more skills than you in your own area is looking to join the company, do you push them out, or bring them on ?

A. Push them out

B. Bring them on

C. Resign, find another job

D. None of these

Answer: B


44. Someone has been wrongfully terminated, do you take a stand and say something, or say nothing and save your job ?

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A. Take a stand and say something

B. Say nothing and save your job

C. Resign, find another job

D. Simply start find another job

Answer: A

45. As a team leader, what can you do to encourage leadership potential in your fellow Guiders ?

All the leader you can be pdf

A. Take time to plan when you can all meet together.

B. Make sure that each leader has the necessary books and resources.

C. Encourage new leaders to use their own talents and skills to enrich your program.

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D. All the above

Answer: D

46. You don’t like someone in another department, do you make their life miserable, or try to ease the pain ?

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A. Make their life miserable

B. Try to ease the pain

C. Resign, find another job

D. Simply start find another job

Answer: B

47. What are 2 practical ways that you can teach and practice leadership skills with girls ?

A. Include the girls in planning

B. For Pathfinders and Senior Branch Members, give them the freedom to plan and carry out their own ideas. Be there to support, encourage and assist when needed.

C. Assign regular duties for each patrol. If one patrol is responsible for Campfire, then make sure there are resources to use, such as song books, a book of readings, campfire games, a file of songs the girls know, a Guider to assist if needed.

D. All the above

Answer: D

48. Your people are underpaid, do you try to get them more money, or just hope that they won’t notice ?

A. Try to get them more money

B. Hope that they won’t notice

C. Resign, find another job

D. Simply start find another job

Answer: A

49. Suggest 3 ways that you can practice Share Leadership with fellow Guiders.

A. Plan together

B. Work together

C. Evaluate together

D. All the above

Answer: D

50. You made a mistake that has a serious impact to the company, do you cover it up, or acknowledge it and try to fix the problem ?

A. Cover it up

B. Acknowlege it and try to fix the problem

C. Resign, find another job

D. Simply start find another job

Answer: B

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