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PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have 75,291,470 eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no download limits, enjoy it and don't forget to bookmark and share the love! Ask And It Is Given Books. Or you’re looking for a new job, but can’t seem to get your foot in the door. Or you’re facing a personal challenge, and just don’t know what to do. What do these problems have in common? They can all be solved simply by reaching out to a colleague, friend, acquaintance, or wider network and making an ask.

All You Have To Do Is Ask Pdf Free Download Windows 10

  • I have a Windows 10 computer that came with a program called 'Microsoft Print to PDF.' I can print to PDF using other programs or save as PDF, but I want that specific program back. It's definitely the exact program I want for certain functions I do, so please only answer about that.
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'All You Have To Do Is Ask' by Dr.Wayne Baker is a gem of a book on the power of asking pointed questions at the right time-the right place and to the people with specific knowledge of the subject area of an inquiry.

A set of tools for mastering the one skill standing between us and success: the ability to ask for the things we need to succeed.
Imagine you’re on a deadline for a big project, and feeling overwhelmed. Or you're looking for a job, but can't seem to get your foot in the door. Or you're dying for tickets to a sold out concert, and all your leads have gone cold.
What do these problems have in common? They can all be solved simply by reaching out to a colleague, friend, or wider network and making an ask.
Studies show that asking for help makes us better and less frustrated at our jobs. It helps us find new opportunities and new talent. It unlocks new ideas and solutions, and enhances team performance. And it helps us get the things we need outside the workplace as well. And yet, we rarely give ourselves permission to ask. Luckily, the research shows that asking—and getting—what we need is much easier than we tend to think.
Here, Wayne Baker shares a set of strategies—used at companies like Google, GM, and IDEO—that individuals, teams, and leaders can use to make asking for help a personal and organizational habit, including:
• A quiz to identify your asking-giving style
• SMART criteria for who, when, and how to ask
• “Plug-and-play ” routines that make requests a standard component of meetings
• Mini-games that incentivize asking within teams
• The Reciprocity Ring, a guided activity that allows people to tap into the giving power of a network
Picking up where the bestselling book Give and Take left off, All You Have to Do Is Ask shows us how to ignite the cycle of giving and receiving by asking for the things we need.
Advance praise for All You Have to Do Is Ask
“Asking for help and support has been a key to my success. Wayne Baker expertly shares how everyone can do it.”—Shellye Archambeau, former CEO, MetricStream, and board director, Verizon and Nordstrom

“Wayne Baker shares the formula for driving personal, organizational, and social change by tapping the power of our teams and networks for help. This insightful book is a must-read for anyone seeking practical and proven solutions to make our workplaces and world a better place.”—Noel Tichy, professor, University of Michigan, and author of Judgment and Control Your Destiny or Someone Else Will

Adding a downloadable Portable Document Format (PDF) file to your WordPress website is ideal for offering all manner of exclusive content designed to help grow your email list. However, the options for adding them to your WordPress website are often lacking. By using Divi’s Call To Action module, you can easily add a highly customizable one click PDF download to any part of your website.

All you have to do is ask pdf

In this post, we’ll explain a little more on why you should offer PDFs, then take you through a four-step process for adding a WordPress PDF download to any part of your site.

Why You Should Offer Downloadable PDFs on Your WordPress Website

If you’ve never considered offering content as PDFs, you definitely should! PDFs enable you to package together your site’s most compelling content, and offer it to readers in a concise, easily accessible format.

If you’ve been blogging for a long time, you’ve likely built up a large amount of content on your site. While it might still be valuable, some of it will become less prominent over time and could slip by a lot of your visitors. This is the ideal situation for packaging some of your site’s content as a PDF, and offering it as a download. It’s also a good idea to offer your download in exchange for your visitor’s email address.

As WordPress users, it’s natural to employ third-party plugins to get the job done. One popular option is WP Advanced PDF, which lets you add a PDF download button to pages and posts on your site. An alternative is PDF Embedder, which lets you embed PDFs into posts and pages for both viewing and downloading.

Both of these plugins enable you to accomplish the basic task of adding a WordPress PDF download to your site. However, they’re both bare-bones solutions, and leave something to be desired with regard to design customization.

If you want more control over your PDF download link’s design and placement, the Divi Call To Action module is a powerful option. It’s part of the Divi Builder – a drag-and-drop page builder that lets you create almost any page design you can imagine without touching any code.

The Divi Builder combines an intuitive drag-and-drop interface with powerful design capabilities.

How to Add a One Click WordPress PDF Download Using Divi


Now we know why you should offer PDFs on your site, and how Divi’s built-in functionality can help. Next, we’ll walk you through the four steps you’ll need to take – utilizing both the Divi Builder and Call To Action module – to add a WordPress PDF download to your website. You can watch the video above or follow along with the step-by-step instructions below.

Step #1: Upload Your PDF

Firstly, you’ll need to upload the PDF to your site, and much like uploading images or video, WordPress makes this simple. To start, log into your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Media section, and click on Add New:

You’ll now see the Upload New Media page. From here, you can either drag and drop your PDF file to the appropriate location on the screen, or click Select Files, choose the PDF from the relevant location on your computer, then click Open:

Once complete, the PDF will be stored in your Media Library and will be available for use across your site.

All You Have To Do Is Ask Pdf Free Download Windows 10

Next up is placing the download on your site using the Call To Action module.

Step #2: Add the Call To Action Module

Once you’ve uploaded your PDF, you’ll need to decide on its placement. This is where Divi’s Call To Action module comes in. For the uninitiated, the Call To Action module combines a title, some body text, and a clickable button to get your site’s visitors to take action. While it’s often used for converting leads into sales, the module is flexible enough to enable downloadable links too.

In this instance we need to create a button that, when clicked, redirects to a page where a user can download the PDF. We’ve already uploaded the file, so next we need to add the Call To Action module to the page or post of our choice.

To do this, navigate to your page and click the Use The Divi Builder button:

Once enabled, expand the Divi Builder tab for the page by clicking on the arrow on the right-hand side…

…click the Insert Module(s) button…

…then select Call To Action from the list that appears:

Next, you’ll see the Call To Action Module Settings screen:

We’ve so far managed to upload our PDF, and add the Call To Action module to our page. Let’s move onto inserting your PDF file.

Step #3: Insert Your PDFs URL

All You Have To Do Is Ask Pdf

If you’re still following along, you’ll have your Call To Action Module Settings screen open. From here, you’ll need to add the PDF file’s URL to the Button URL field in the General Settings tab.

Firstly, you’ll need to copy the URL of the page where your PDF is stored. To find this, navigate to Media > Library on your WordPress dashboard,and select your PDF from the list that appears:

Next, click on the link that says Edit more details…


…and copy the permalink at the top of the Edit Media screen:

You could also copy the longer URL from the Attachment Details screen, but the method we’ve outlined produces a permalink in keeping with your site’s overall settings.

With the URL copied, go back to your Call To Action Module Settings, and paste the URL into the Button URL field:

As for the other options found on the Call To Action Module Settings screen, there are several to explore further:

  1. Title.Type the main display text for your button into this field. Make sure to remember the fundamentals of copywriting, and use a strong call to action.
  2. URL Opens.This button determines whether your link opens in the same window or in a new tab. We recommend a new tab, so that visitors can remain on your site while the download takes place.
  3. Button Text. If you want to add a subheading or further text to your button, this is where you’ll enter it.

When you’re finished, click Save & Exit at the bottom of the settings screen.

At this point, you’ve uploaded your PDF file, added a Call To Action module to your site, and set it up to enable visitors to download your PDF. The final step is to customize its design.

Step #4: Customize the Module’s Design

The advantage of using Divi rather than a third-party plugin to offer a downloadable PDF is the design customization options at your disposal. Here are a few worth checking out:

  1. Background Color:This lets you choose a custom background color for your button.
  2. Text Color:You can choose from light or dark, whichever pairs best with your background color.
  3. Text Orientation:Either Left, Center, Right, or Justified.

All You Have To Do Is Ask Pdf Free Download Free

Once you’ve made your customizations, navigate to it on your site, take a look, and keep tweaking until it’s perfect. Here’s our example using just the settings discussed above:

There are a myriad of further design options at your disposal throughout the Call To Action module’s settings. While you can get great results with the basic options discussed above, take a look at the official Call To Action module documentation to discover what else you could achieve!


Giving your website’s visitors the option to download PDFs is sound practice – especially if you have older content that’s still valuable. However, the third-party options available can’t always offer ease of use and sufficient control over the design. Divi’s Call To Action module however, offers exactly that.

In this piece, we’ve presented four steps for offering PDF downloads on your WordPress website. Let’s recap:

  1. Upload your PDF.
  2. Add the Call To Action module.
  3. Insert your PDFs URL into the Button URL field.
  4. Customize your button’s design.

What questions do you have about creating a WordPress PDF download using Divi? Ask away in the comments section below – and don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated on the discussion!

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