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  3. Best PDF Readers and Viewers Software for Windows for Viewing/Reading, Basic Editing, and Annotating PDF Documents PDF (.pdf) is an acronym for Portable Document Format. It is the most popular document format. There are a number of reasons behind the dominance of the PDF file format. One of the most important ones is. Read full post5 Best Free PDF Readers and Viewers for Windows 10.

Are you looking for the best PDF plugins for WordPress but don’t know where to get started?

By default, WordPress cannot generate or embed PDF files in posts or pages. This is where a PDF plugin comes in handy. You can create, edit, and embed documents with ease using a plugin.

In this article, we will show you the best PDF plugins for WordPress that you can use on your website.

Why Do You Need a PDF Plugin for WordPress?

We feature the best PDF readers for Windows, to make it simple and easy to manage your PDF documents on any Windows machine, and allow you to share, edit, annotate or even sign those files.

WordPress does not support PDF embedding, or downloading blog posts as PDF by default.

If you have a PDF document and try to embed it in WordPress, then it will show your file as a downloadable link. This way if someone clicks on the link, they will leave your website.

A WordPress PDF plugin allows you to display your documents on your WordPress site. Your website visitors can then view them in a PDF viewer while staying on your site.

A PDF plugin also helps your users to download any blog post or page as a PDF document. It ensures that the page is neatly formatted, so people can save it or print it with ease.

With that said, let’s look at the best PDF plugins for WordPress.

1. EmbedPress

EmbedPress is a complete plugin that allows you to add and display PDF files in your WordPress posts and pages. It’s easy to use and you can upload your PDF documents through the media library and place them anywhere on your site.

EmbedPress also lets you upload other types of media to your WordPress website. You can use it to add videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or Twitch.

Besides that, EmbedPress lets you upload Google Maps, docs, forms, sheets, Facebook posts, audio files, and much more.

2. E2Pdf

E2Pdf is a clean and simple WordPress PDF plugin that lets you create, edit, and display PDF documents to your visitors.

You can show static or dynamic PDF files to your audience. It lets you create and edit PDF documents and forms without having to leave your WordPress site.

The plugin also lets you auto-generate PDF forms based on your WordPress posts, pages, or web forms.


3. WPForms

WPForms is the most beginner-friendly WordPress contact form plugin used by over 3 million website owners. With WPForms, you can allow users to submit PDF files to your website through a file upload form.

This way you don’t have to give access to your website’s backend to others in order to collect PDF files.

If you want to share your contact form submissions with someone else, then WPForms lets you download them as a PDF document as well.

You can check out our guide on how to create a file upload form in WordPress.

4. PDF & Print by BestWebSoft

PDF & Print by BestWebSoft, as the name suggests, this plugin adds a PDF download and print button to your WordPress posts, pages, and custom post types.

You can add your website title, featured image, custom styles, and fonts. The plugin can also execute shortcodes when generating PDFs or creating a printer friendly version.

5. WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slips is a PDF plugin for WordPress that allows you to generate, download, and send PDF invoices with order confirmation emails on your WooCommerce store.

You get basic templates with the ability to customize them according to your business needs. The plugin also helps you handle your packing slips and invoices from your WooCommerce admin area.

You can follow our step by step guide on how to start an online store to get started.

6. PDF Poster

PDF Poster is another user-friendly WordPress plugin to embed PDF files on your website.

Using a shortcode, you can add PDF documents in your WordPress posts, pages, widget area, and theme files. Plus, you can add a download button, so people easily get hold of your PDF file.

And when you embed a file, it removes the black viewer frame, so visitors get a clean experience.

7. PDF.js Viewer

PDF.js Viewer lets you show PDF files inside your WordPress posts and pages through a simple shortcode or Gutenberg block.

It uses Mozilla’s PDF.js to display PDF documents in a browser. Users get all the functionality such as scrolling through the document, search, print and download PDF files.

Besides that, the plugin lets you password protect your PDF documents, setup advanced zoom settings, show a loading bar, and display partially loaded PDF documents.

8. PDF Embedder

PDF Embedder is a WordPress plugin that allows you to embed PDF files in WordPress posts and pages.

The plugin uses JavaScript to embed files with a fully functional toolbar allowing users to zoom, navigate, and even download the PDF file. This makes the plugin different from others on our list.

Javascript allows you to have more flexibility on how your PDF documents will appear. The plugin also automatically adjusts the size of your PDF files. You can also enter the width manually and the plugin will automatically calculate the height.

9. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is the best WordPress analytics plugin used by over 2 million website owners. It helps you see how people find and use your website.

It comes with a built-in download tracking feature that helps you monitor how many PDF downloads you get from your WordPress site.

Aside from download tracking, it also lets you see how many people are clicking on specific PDF files, links, buttons, or any other element on your site. You also get to see other important items such as real-time analytics, top referral sources, page level analytics, custom dimensions, and more.

The PDF tracking feature is also available in MonsterInsights Lite, which is the free version of the plugin.

Bonus WordPress PDF Plugins

Be the Best at What Matters Most PDF Free Download books

These plugins do not offer a way to generate or embed PDF files. However, if you serve PDF files on your WordPress site, then you may find them helpful.

10. SearchWP

SearchWP is a paid WordPress plugin. It allows you to add a better search experience to your WordPress site.

One of the features of this plugin is the ability to search the text inside PDF files. However, it cannot search PDF files that are encrypted, stored outside the media library, or have images as text. See our guide on how to improve WordPress search with SearchWP

11. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is the best lead generation and conversion optimization plugin for WordPress.

It is a powerful tool that helps you grow your email list. You can convert abandoning visitors into subscribers by using OptinMonster. You can ask users to signup for your email list in exchange for free download PDF resources.

You can also use it to offer content upgrades. See this list of content upgrade ideas to 10X your subscribers.

Which is The Best PDF Plugin for WordPress?

The best WordPress PDF plugin really depends on your needs. If you are looking for a plugin to embed PDF documents and other media files with ease, then we recommend EmbedPress.

If you want to allow users to submit PDF files to your website, then WPForms is the best plugin.

As for creating and editing PDF documents right inside WordPress, then we recommend E2Pdf.

If you want visitors to subscribe in exchange for PDF downloads, then use OptinMonster, and lastly for tracking all PDF analytics, we recommend MonsterInsights.

We hope this article helped you find the best PDF plugins for WordPress. You may also want to see our list of the best WordPress page builder plugins, and our comparison of the best email marketing services.

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Trading psychology is one of the most commonly overlooked and underrated aspects of successful trading.

Whilst every trader needs a great trading strategy that will make them winning trades, if you are making the same mistakes over and over again, then you will continue to lose money.

If you risk too much, over-trade, revenge trade to get back your losses or make other psychological mistakes like not cutting your losses small when you should, then it does not matter how good your strategy is, you will lose money.

In this post we go through exactly why trading psychology is so important and how you can start using the best trading mindset.

NOTE: You can get your free trading psychology PDF Download below.

Free PDF Guide: Get Your Trading Psychology and Mindset PDF Guide

What is Trading Psychology?

Trading psychology is a broad term that takes into account everything that involves your emotions when trading.

When traders refer to trading psychology they are normally referring to the mistakes and mental errors that they continually repeat that cost them money.

These errors normally fall into two categories; errors from being greedy and errors from being fearful.

As we discuss below; if you don’t understand and work on these errors, then you will find it extremely hard to be a successful trader.

Why Does Forex Trading Psychology Matter?

The psychological mistakes that traders make are common amongst almost all traders and they can hold you back from being successful.

The reason these errors are so common is because when trading we are all dealing with either making or losing money. This brings on feelings of greed and fear.

When we are being greedy we can have a tendency to make the same mistakes over and over again that will hurt our results. These mistakes are not taking profit when we should, making far too many trades than we should or risking a lot more than we should.

We do these things because we kick into greed mode thinking we are going to make a lot of money.

Be The Best At What Matters Most PDF Free Download

When we move into fear mode another set of mistakes creep in. These errors are normally holding onto losses for far too long instead of quickly cutting them short or not entering the next good trade we have found because the last trade just lost.

We start doing these things because we are fearful of losing money.

These psychological errors will continue to hold you back and stop you making money no matter how great your trading strategy is.

How to Get the Best Trading Mindset

Whilst many traders will try to pretend that they don’t have any trading emotions, this is actually the wrong way to get the optimum trading mindset.

All traders deal with emotions that making and losing money throw up.

If you don’t have any emotion around making and losing money whilst you are trading, then you simply are not yet risking enough money.

To get the best trading mindset you need to first acknowledge all of the feelings that come with both winning and losing.

Once you begin to understand these feelings and the full range of emotions you experience when you are trading you can begin to deal with them.

When you start to understand how you feel when you lose you can deal with it. Instead of pretending you feel nothing, you can actually work on it and learn to overcome it to become a much better trader.

Day Trading Psychology Tips

There are many, many different psychology tips that you could use in your trading, but I have turned the list below into a short set of dot points that you can remember and that will help you the most.

  • Don’t risk too much on any one trade.
  • Don’t chase your losses with revenge trades.
  • Don’t over-trade and make too many trades.
  • Don’t let the last trade stop you making your next trade.
  • Always cut your losses short at your stop loss point.
  • Always take profit at your designated profit target level. Don’t get greedy and hold for more.

Trading Psychology Books

There are many trading psychology books you can read to improve your trading. Whilst a lot of them are good reads, a lot of them are also incredibly boring.

The following three books are not boring and they will help you in your trading immensely.

Trading In The Zone by Mark Douglas

This is one of the most famous and popular trading books by the late Mark Douglas.

The great thing about this book is that it breaks down what can be an incredibly complicated subject and makes it easy to understand.

Douglas goes through all the mental habits and mistakes that are constantly costing you money in your trading.

The Disciplined Trader by Mark Douglas

This is another book by Mark Douglas and is now also known as another one of his classics.

This book looks closely at why traders tend to make the same mistakes over and over again.

You get taken through a step-by-step walkthrough and will begin to understand why it is you have been making the mistakes you have been.

Trading Psychology 2.0 : Brett N. Steenbarger

Be The Best At What Matters Most Pdf Free Download Free

This is an extremely comprehensive trading psychology book by Brett Steenbarger.

This is not a book you are going to finish in one sitting and it can often take some time to go over things a few times to fully understand there meaning.

This book includes full academic research and you will come away after having read it with a lot of practical tips you can start using in your own trading.

Free PDF Guide: Get Your Trading Psychology and Mindset PDF Guide

Trading Mindset Quotes

Need help with some trading psychology quotes? Here a few of the best.

Learn to take losses. The most important thing in making money is not letting your losses get out of hand.

  • Marty Schwartz

If you cannot control your emotions, you can’t control your money.

Be The Best At What Matters Most PDF Free Download Adobe Reader

  • Warren Buffet

Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Be The Best At What Matters Most PDF Free Download Windows 10

  • Steve Clark

Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.

  • Warren Buffet

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