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Small House Plan 7×12 Free Download PDF. Today’s plan is a fairly traditional design, but it does not neglect several details that make it unique, for example its facade or its roof.

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But so that we better understand this house plan, we will see more details about this design below.

House plan 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms.

The video that you can see below shows in more detail and other aspects the plan of the house that I want to share with you today. Do not miss it!

Free House Plan PDF Download With Any PDF Above 400m2 Now, check out this beautiful small single story, two bedroom, one bathroom free house plans download. Occupants of this small house plan will not only enjoy the stylish design but it’s comfort and compact contemporary theme.

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✚ Note II: Remember that it is an indicative house plan, if you need to build it, contact a specialist.

More aspects and background of this Small House Plan 7×12

This would undoubtedly be a fairly simple and welcoming design to build in the city, but if you require it it easily adapts to the urban area, be it mountains, valley or coast.

Features of this layout flat.

It has ground plan measurements of approximately 7 meters wide by 12 meters long.

Inside we can appreciate the following environments:

Kitchen with integrated dining room, living room, master bedroom suite, two additional bedrooms, in total there are three. Two bathrooms, one for the master bedroom.

Preview facade and plan.

In the following photo you can see a preview of this house plan on its facade.

And in this other image you can have a preview of your plan view of this house plan to know its distribution and see that it is quite simple, but effective.

Striking and cozy house plan with measurements.

Download this map.

To download this house plan with measurements and in autocad you can do it from the following link.

The format is AutoCAD 2007 and the file has a .DWG extension

Personal Budget Pdf

It is also in PDF so you can preview this house plan.

What do you think of this Small House Plan 7×12 Free Download PDF?

As always, I remind you that below in the comment box you can leave your opinion on this house plan.

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