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ASTM E2680-16 pdf free download.Standard Test Method for Appearance of Clear, Transparent Liquids (Visual Inspection Procedure).
4. Summary of Test Method
4.1 An amount of liquid sample at storage or room temperature is visually examined for clarity and presence of contami nants. The sample is collected in a transparent glass container and held against a bright, transmitted light to examine for larity, suspended matter, haze and the presence of free water (or oil) and subsequently swirled to create a vortex to detect the presence of particulate matter. For difierent categories of clear, transparent liquids, the recommended maximum number of allowed particles (either floating, settling, 3. 1. 5, or suspended. 3.1.6) to qualify for a pass is defined.(Table 1)。For other clear. transparent liquids, other numbers may be defined (for example, on the relevant product specifications).
7.1 Sample Container, clear gla ss with a screw cap (not containing a gasket) capable of holding sample volumes of up to 1L.The volume of the sample tested should be in accordance with the requirements of the product Specifical in to 1 L. Typical volumes are 250. 500 and 1000 mL. It is recommended to use a wide neck bottle with a diameter of approximately 10 m. The volume of the container should be large enough for the recommended volume of liquid to fill the container not more than 75% full to allow for space to swirl the sample without spilling. Sample containers should be checked for cleanliness since they are a likely source of contamination. It is recommended to use only new bottles.
8. Hazards
8.1 Each analyst must be acquainted with the potential hazards of the cquipment, reagents, products, solvents and procedures before beginning laboratory work. Sources of information include: operation manuals, SDS, literature, an other related data Safety infomation should be requested from the supplier. Disposal of waste materials, reagents, reactants, and solvents must be in compliance with laws and regulations from all applicable governmental agencies.
8.2 Glycol and polyol products are intended for industrial use only. Before handling or using these products, read the current SDS for each product (8.1)
8.3 The following hazards are associated with the applica- tion of this test method.
8.3.1 Chemical Hazard Methanol is a flammable and toxic solvent Metha- nol is absorbed through the skin and by breathing the vapors Be careful when handling a flammable solvent and work in a well-ventilated area away from sources of ignition. Use the proper Personal Protective Equipment to minimize exposure. Flammable liquids (General); see warning statement in Al.1.

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Clarity PDF Free Download

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