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Diary of a bad year pdf

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Diary Of A Very Bad Year PDF Free Download

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I found this book very powerful, contrary to some of the other reviews. The 'split' essay/narrative form, which some have found unwieldy, is in fact appropriate for the story of an old man who has come to live solely in his mind and who suddenly finds himself troubled by desire, then love. It is also appropriate to the life-changing but limited nature of the relationship between the old man and the young woman. How much there can be to that relationship is very much limited by the vast difference in their ages (which, however, I think the young woman character could have overcome if she were really a 'bimbo', as one reviewer declared), and so there is not enough 'flesh' there (literally!) to fill up a novel which is just about their relationship.
On the other hand, a great deal does pass between these two, though sex does not. And while detailing their interaction the book manages to insidiously, as if by slight of hand, take us right up to the edge of the abyss that awaits the male character. It is frightening, sad and uplifting all at once--and, yes, even hopeful.
The old do not get much literature, despite the first-listed reviewer's distaste for what they do get via an occasional writer's big reputation. This one time the subject of elderliness and its discontents has gotten a large and fine airing, with a rather beautiful love story thrown in.
I'll grant that this book will appeal with special poigancy to old men, and much less to The Young. (When I was forced to read 'Death in Venice' at the age of 19 I of course couldn't imagine what all the fuss was about either.) I think that many of The Old will find it exciting, funny, touching, suspenseful, and at last deeply truthful about the last path we all must walk. I don't see how more could be asked of a novel than that.

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