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We have created this campaign page to provide local communities, organisations and services with coronavirus campaign materials. Please share these posters, videos, audio clips, and social media messages to encourage people to do the simple things to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

To get the most less latency epoch to download any of our books taking into consideration this one. Merely said, the do the right thing the practical jargon free guide to corporate social responsibility is universally compatible gone any devices to read. Do the Right Thing - Spike Lee - 1989 The phenomenon of Spike Lee continues with. The little things you do every day are more important than you can imagine. Whether you want to play a new sport, do better in math, lose five pounds, or write your own book, the slight edge.

Enhanced Response Area (ERA) Toolkit

An ‘Enhanced Response Area’ to tackle Coronavirus in the area was granted and began on Monday 1 November, for at least five weeks, with the aim of reducing infection rates, and protecting vulnerable people, the NHS and other vital services as the winter months approach.

The aim of this toolkit is to share Government approved content for the ERA status that you can share via your own channels and also personalise for your location if you want to.

Please note these assets have been provided and signed off by the Cabinet Office and must only be edited where explicitly stated to personalise to your area.

Enhanced Response Area Toolkit - Cambridgeshire and Peterborough 18.11.21313KB–pdf

Posters and leaflets

These posters are to promote handwashing guidance as per the NHS and Public Health England guidelines. Please use these posters where appropriate:

CCC Self isolating support A5 leaflet November 20202.56MB–pdf
Hands - Face - Space Poster80KB–pdf
Coronavirus poster - English870KB–pdf

Doing The Right Things Right PDF Free Download For Mac

Handwashing guidance poster162KB–pdf
Got symptoms Get tested now718KB–pdf
Got symptoms Get tested now1860KB–pdf
I'm getting a test now for you175KB–pdf
Stay alert to keep R down poster54KB–pdf
Stay alert to stay safe - Exercise poster2.82MB–pdf

Doing The Right Things Right Pdf Free Download Windows 10

Stay alert to stay safe - Travel poster3.16MB–pdf

100 Quotes Doing Right Thing

Stay alert to stay safe - Shop poster2.23MB–pdf
Stay alert to stay safe - Work poster9.43MB–pdf
Stay alert to stay safe poster - Easy read317KB–pdf
Stay alert to stay safe poster - Large print162KB–pdf
Symptoms poster1 A453KB–pdf
Symptoms poster2 A4541KB–pdf
Wear face coverings in all shops239KB–pdf
Wear a face covering on the bus200KB–pdf
Wear a face covering on the train203KB–pdf
Wear a face covering on the Tube177KB–pdf
Keep a safe distance157KB–pdf
Keep working from home131KB–pdf
Limit your contact with others136KB–pdf
Think of others when shopping140KB–pdf
Handwashing remains critcal110KB–pdf
I wear this to protect you259KB–pdf
Keeping apart keeps us safe289KB–pdf

Social media images

You can use these images with your tweets and Facebook posts.

Doing the Right Things Right PDF Free Download for mac

Right click on the image to save it and then share it.

Videos in community languages

We have worked with people across our communities to translate important information into other languages. The translations are available in video format on YouTube.


Do the Right Thing - July 2021

Vaccination Uptake - April 2021

Vaccinations - February 2021

Rapid testing

Self-isolation support

What you do in your free time impacts your job

Coronavirus poster - Afrikaans1.39MB–pdf
Coronavirus poster - Arabic1.42MB–pdf
Coronavirus poster - Bulgarian893KB–pdf
Coronavirus poster - Cantonese882KB–pdf
Coronavirus poster - Latvian894KB–pdf
Coronavirus poster - Lithuanian918KB–pdf

Doing The Right Things Right PDF Free Download Windows 10

Coronavirus poster -Mandarin371KB–pdf
Coronavirus poster - Polish900KB–pdf
Coronavirus poster -Portuguese360KB–pdf
Coronavirus poster - Russian366KB–pdf
Coronavirus poster - Slovak882KB–pdf
Coronavirus poster - Spanish369KB–pdf
Coronavirus poster- Turkish890KB–pdf
Coronavirus poster - Urdu914KB–pdf

Alternative formats - British Sign Language (BSL) versions of social media resources

Including signed versions of TV and social media resources. Please not that Braille versions can be ordered from [email protected]

Please help us to share them as widely as you can, helping to reinforce the message that people must stay at home unless for the reasons set out by Government.

Stay at home if you are ill - Easy read version216KB–pdf

Further information

For further information or to obtain individual images, please email [email protected]

Useful links

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award recipient

For companies to be competitive, leaders must engage people at all levels in order to focus their energy and enable them to apply lean principles to everything they do. Strategy deployment, called hoshin kanri by Toyota and also known as policy deployment, has proven to be the most effective process for meeting this ongoing challenge.

In his book, Getting the Right Things Done, Pascal Dennis outlines the nuts and bolts of strategy deployment, answering two tough questions that ultimately can make or break a company’s lean transformation:

  • What kind of planning system is required to inspire meaningful company-wide continuous improvement?
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Getting the Right Things Done demonstrates how strategy deployment can help leaders harness the full power of Lean.

Organization leaders at all levels and the management teams who are responsible for strategy deployment will find this book especially insightful. It tells the story of a fictional (yet very real) midsized company, Atlas Industries, that needs to dramatically improve to compete with emerging rivals and meet new customer demands.

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The book is designed to provide readers with a framework for understanding the key components of strategy deployment: agreeing on the company’s “True North,” working within the PDCA cycle, getting consensus through “catchball,” the deployment leader concept and A3 thinking. It links action to theory and reminds us that lean tools – like value-stream maps, kaizen events, and 5S – are only the means to an end, not ends in themselves.

Like Freddy and Michael Ballé’s outstanding lean novel, The Gold Mine, the book tells a realistic, compelling story. Like LEI’s very successful and practical workbook series, it also takes a step-by-step instructional approach to the strategy deployment process. It features a wealth of visual tools including filled-in charts and graphs at every step in the process, dashboards, detailed A3s, and blank templates. Through this unique combination, Getting the Right Things Done balances the human and technical dimensions of making strategy deployment a vital part of any company’s daily culture.

Chapter Downloads: