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Preview — The Girl from the Other Side by Nagabe

(とつくにの少女 / Totsukuni no shōjo #1)

Once upon a time...
In a land far away, there were two kingdoms: the Outside, where twisted beasts roamed that could curse with a touch, and the Inside, where humans lived in safety and peace. The girl and the beast should never have met, but when they do, a quiet fairytale begins.
This is a story of two people--one human, one inhuman--who linger in the hazy twilight that s
Published January 24th 2017 by Seven Seas (first published March 10th 2016)
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DathúilYes, I wondered this too. Part of the reason I picked this up was because I speak Irish and I was curious. It is the name of a famous Irish folk song.…moreYes, I wondered this too. Part of the reason I picked this up was because I speak Irish and I was curious. It is the name of a famous Irish folk song.
JimAs of Novenmer, 2020, there are 9 volumes.
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Jun 01, 2019Whitney Atkinson rated it it was amazing
Shelves: read-in-2019, favs-of-2019, graphic-novels, from-library
4.75 ish stars??
this book was such an interesting journey. from the world building to the characters to the drawing style, everything was executed immaculately. i think the story was equal parts grotesque yet lighthearted and sweet, which made it addicting to read. it definitely kept my attention enough to read in one sitting, and i intend to delve into the next volume immediately then request the rest from my library!
May 24, 2017Dave Schaafsma rated it really liked it
I don’t have deep background in fantasy manga, but this first volume is huge on mood and atmosphere and likeable for all that. It has a touch of darkness in the art that works to complicate the sweet, innocent feeling of some aspects of the story. A young girl named Shiva lives on the “other side,” in a vacated village with a guardian known only as 'Teacher'. Teacher is sorta humanoid, and sorta creepy, dark, faintly Edward Gorey and Lovecraft. Teacher protects Shiva, helping her differentiate b...more
Jul 15, 2019Tina Haigler rated it really liked it
This was really good. I believe it's based on a fairy tale, but it was one I wasn't familiar with, so I was intrigued. The mythology was interesting, and I was invested in the characters (at least the two important ones) from the first page. I especially loved the internal struggle of the character that should've been a villain, but managed to hold on to his humanity by caring for this little girl. I instantly loved him after seeing his devotion to her. She is sweet and naïve, and fully trusting...more
That was both super cute and wholesome. I think this is a manga I could really fall in love with. I just love how much Teacher cares about Shiva an can't wait to see how they will develop as characters in the future :)
Ooh some dark fairy tale manga. Very excited to dive in :)
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Apr 28, 2021karen rated it liked it
fulfilling my 2021 goal to read one book each month by an author i have never read despite owning more than one of their books.
starting with three stars = room to grow.
review to come.
Jun 27, 2017PDFAnn (Inky Labyrinth)Download rated it it was amazing
Shelves: fantasy, read-from-library, graphic-novel, books-ive-reviewed, favorites-of-all-time, horror, gothic, monsters, read-in-2017, fairy-tales
Imagine yourself as a little girl, inviting a well-dressed, polite demon to come to your tea party. Would you be afraid, despite the horned monster being dressed in fancy shoes and a waistcoat? Probably.
Our fearless, young Shiva does not just invite but demands that her protector and caretaker, lovingly deemed “Teacher”, has tea with her everyday. In a town and surrounding forest that has been abandoned, there is often not much else for them to do to pass the time - once their chores are done, o
In fairytale world there is the cursed land, where only monsters dwell, and the uncursed land, where humans live. The girl lives on the other side - the cursed side - somehow untouched by a curse but guarded by a cursed creature. Their quiet lives are disrupted by soldiers hunting the cursed…
This was a pretty good first volume but what is it with this weird title - “Siuil, a Run”, with accents over the both “u”s? Is that another language? No character here is called Siuil. Baffling.
And that’s
Jan 28, 2019Mizuki rated it it was amazing
Shelves: manga, great, wish-i-could-write-like-this, fairies-related
Premise:The Girl from the Other Side is a sweet, slightly gloomy but engaging fairy tale about a little girl in white (named Shiva) and a humanoid horned black beast (named Teacher) living in a small cottage among the wood, in a world which is divided as Inside and Outside, Cursed and Uncursed.
The people from the Inside fear the Cursed Ones (black and beastly humanoid creatures who wander in the woods) from the Outside, so they protect themselves by surrounding their towns with a great wall to
This was my first time reading manga, and I was very pleased with it! It only took a few minutes to adjust to reading right to left*. I was drawn to this particular one by the intriguing cover, which is a bit spooky but also quite warm and inviting.
The story was strange and beautiful, with some lovely artwork. I was quite sad to finish it, especially knowing I will have a bit of a wait before I can order the next volumes. It ends on a rather tense moment, and I so wanted to go straight onto th
Jan 18, 2019Calista rated it liked it
Shelves: 2017, series-unfinished, genre-fantasy, comics-graphic-novel, genre-horror-gothic, myth-folktale-fable, series, bage-young-adult, i-misc
This is an interesting story that is just getting interesting. We barely know anything. We know there are humans and inhumans and if a human touches an inhuman, they will become inhuman. This little girl lives with teacher and he raises her. The girls mother died, we think, but the girl thinks she is coming.
The girl goes out searching, this little child and sees some men from a village. They try and kill her because she is an outsider and must be cursed.
We are left with a huge cliff hanger at
Oct 27, 2018~Jo~ rated it it was amazing
This was such a good read, I just didn't want it to end, but since then, I've discovered that this beautiful book, is part of a series. It takes rather a lot of skill to make a story seem so dark, but incredibly cute, at the same time.
I love the characters so far, and the relationship between the little girl and 'teacher' is wonderful. Despite the fact teacher has a tall and somewhat slender form, that literally towers over the little girl, she seems to have no fear of him. She demands that they
Apr 07, 2020Patricija - aparecium_libri rated it it was amazing
This is by so far, one of my favorite mangas. It was gripping, the characters interesting, and it wasn't overwhelming.
I loved the plot, and how strong it was, created in this simplistic design with black and white.
Opposite side of the world finder
Jul 20, 2018Neil R. Coulter rated it it was amazing
I picked this up at the library yesterday on a whim, simply because the cover looked intriguing. I'm glad I did. It's a fantastic first part of a story. What I like about it especially is its slow, meticulous way of revealing information. The book seems to begin in the middle of a story. The author doesn't give quick, easy answers, but instead invites the reader to join the story and follow along. I always like it when a book has confidence in the reader's ability to understand and to share in t...more
Jun 17, 2017Maija rated it really liked it
A heartwarming manga with dark tones, The Girl from the Other Side tells of the daily life of the little human girl Shiva and her caretaker, the monster/Outsider Teacher. The beautiful scratchy black-and-white artwork compliments the quiet story perfectly and is just lovely to look at.
I was instantly drawn to the two characters and the relationship between them: Teacher cares about her protégé, but can never touch her, or he will spread the Outsider curse and turn the girl into one. Basically, o
Aug 24, 2018Anna rated it really liked it
Shelves: read-in-2018, fantasy, part-of-a-series, comics-and-manga, 2016-booklist
For an eerie fantasy manga that features as protagonists a sweet little girl and a mysterious “Teacher” as her guardian, with loads of cute moments between them, this can get dark and twisty unexpectedly quick!
I love, love, love the art style and the attention to detail that goes even into the smallest of panels. This will be one of my favourite manga series in 2018, that's for sure!
The first volume of this interesting tale has themes that are already quite predictable: dark versus light, the cursed vs. innocent, human versus beast. The black, horned beast is the nurturing and patient caregiver yet is feared by the human adults. Shiva, the little girl, does not fear the beast and has readily accepted his role as both teacher and protector. Nagabe's art is reminiscent of the style found in the works of J.J. Grandeville and Kiyoshi Hasegawa.
I will read volume 2 in this series
Dec 12, 2019The Nerd Daily rated it really liked it
Originally published on The Nerd Daily Review by Ankara C
Published by Seven Seas Entertainment, The Girl from the Other Side – Siúl a Rún by Nagabe is an ongoing series whose first volume was originally published back in 2015. However, it did not hit the international market until late 2017, when its popularity skyrocketed worldwide. At the moment, it has not been determined yet when the series will come to an end, but it is still going strong with its 7th volume translated into English, and t
This was so perfect for autumn. Beautifully spooky with wonderful illustrations that captivated me from the start and made for a engaging and intresting read. I'm so happy I've got the second one from the library as well....more

Opposite Side Of The World Finder

Mar 30, 2018Laura rated it really liked it

The Girl from the Other Side is such a quiet book. The mood on the page is very soft and unhurried with a slight shade or potential for creepiness. But there is still so much I don’t know! So much that I don’t even know what to say here. Color me curious that’s for sure.
This “tranquil fairy tale” tells the story of a sweet friendship between a beast and a lonely little girl (Shiva) in a world of darkness & light, curses, and monsters. Shiva appears to be a village's lone survivor of a curse and
Sep 10, 2018Liz rated it it was amazing
Shiva is adorable, Teacher is lovable... Story and art are brilliant!
Jun 10, 2020Justine rated it it was amazing
Shelves: read-in-2020, comics-graphic-novels, fantasy
A super speedy, but absolutely wonderful read! This is the perfect balance of dark and light that makes for the best kind of monstrous fairytale. I can't wait to read more!...more
Mar 05, 2020Shannon rated it really liked it · review of another edition
First time reading this I only gave it a 3, second time around I found it more charming somehow.
May 22, 2018The Midnightdove Mulanah rated it it was amazing


AHHHHHHHH, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME? How can it be so dark and creepy and CUTE at the same time??. Absolutely loved it.
Jul 04, 2018

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Dani ❤️ Perspective of a Writer rated it it was amazing
Shelves: 2018, manga-volume-1, read-manga, manga-shonen, manga-stars-5, best-of-2018, reviewed, review-on-amazon, manga-shoujo, manga-seinen

What's On The Opposite Side Of Earth

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A quiet fairy tale begins in a land distant and hazy where there are two kingdoms. The Inside is where humans cower worried the twisted beasts of the Outside will come a curse them with a touch. A young girl named Shiva lives on the other side, in a vacant village with a demonic guardian known only as “Teacher.” And so starts our tale... a little girl comes to rely on an inhuman beast...
I saw this first in an email from
Sep 08, 2019Lauren Lanz

From The Other Side Of The World PDF Free Download Books

rated it really liked it
Shelves: horror, author-of-colour, young-adult, manga, 4-stars

From The Other Side Of The World PDF Free Download For Windows 7

This was a beautifully simplistic dark fairy-tale surrounding a little girl who befriends a demon. A particularly well dressed, good mannered demon.
“In a land far away, there were two kingdoms: the Outside, where twisted beasts roamed that could curse with a touch, and the Inside, where humans lived in safety and peace. The girl and the beast should never have met, but when they do, a quiet fairytale begins.
This is a story of two people--one human, one inhuman--who linger in the hazy twilight th
3.5! Very cozy but also kind of creepy...I think I just need to get used to the dark element of graphic novels. I'm happy I read it (and the second volume)....more
Sep 18, 2021tay (taylor reads) rated it really liked it
aw that was surprisingly wholesome <3
There were two worlds, the inside, where the humans lived and the outside, where monsters called outsiders lived, it was belived that outsiders could curse you with just one single touch. In our fairytale for a more mature audiance, there were humans who were in fear and as a result of this, they did monstrous things and there was a monster called teacher who was gentle and nice. There was this stark contrast the humans was monstrous and the monster was very gentle and good. There was an abonden...more
Jun 03, 2018Victoria ♡ rated it really liked it
Such an intriguing first volume! The story is pretty unique and the art style is beautiful, can't wait to read more! ...more
Very pretty... and very weird.
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