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Take a look at the carefully designed goal setting worksheets below...

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What you really want. Throughout the book, watch for the Throughout the book, watch for the “Hot Tip” boxes, where you’ll find tools and advice for reach. Getting What You Want. Getting What You Want. Ffirs.qxd 7/25/05 10:36 AM Page iii PERSUASION THE ART OF GETTING WHAT YOU WANT.

Goal setting worksheets can make getting your hopes and dreams down on paper nice and easy. And it doesn't hurt if the worksheet for your dreams looks the part!

If you're about to make a significant step towards achieving your life's goals every detail is important...

  • Maybe you're a teacher who'd like your students to achieve more of what they're capable of?
  • Or you could be a coach looking for resources to support your clients...
  • Or perhaps you're a trainer, or a leader in your organisation...
  • Or you're determined it's time for action in a situation you're facing!
  • Or it could be time to start (or re-start) the journey to the future you're imagining!

Whatever the reason is, you’ve found something unique here… worksheets created by someone who has studied the science in depth at university and also has many years of first-hand experience setting goals.

Check out and download the goal setting worksheets here

Below you will find the following beautiful goal setting worksheets:

  1. Creating a 20 year vision for your life and deciding first steps towards it
  2. Set goals in 7 different areas of life over multiple time-frames (social, family, health, career, finances, learning, character)
  3. Set goals related to each of the roles you find yourself playing in life (friend, colleague, brother, father, son etc...)
  4. Set some things you'd like to achieve this year
  5. Choosing your top 3 things to focus on right now
  6. Your main goal right now - to go through your main goal in great detail

1. Long term dreams - Short term goals

You have big dreams. Ten… twenty… thirty years is a long time and you’re capable of remarkable achievements in that time.

What's your vision for say... 20 years from now? Have you thought about it?

Well, now is your chance. If you have already done something like this, now could be a good time to even more deeply etch your future vision in your heart. If not, there's no time like the present :-)

The purpose of having a great vision for your future, I think, is more about having SOMETHING exciting to aim at, SOMETHING to gravitate towards, than necessarily actually achieving it all.

Whether or not you reach it all is kind of not the point. In other words, when we aim way above the mark... We hit the mark!

An exciting vision can infuse the present moment with extra hope! It can be like wearing super goggles!

Whatever you create when you fill out this goal setting worksheet can be added to, adjusted, changed, and updated as the days, weeks, months, and years pass. It can be considered a live document. Forever changing as you change.

2. Set goals for different areas in your life

Have you thought through multiple areas in your goal setting?

Click HERE to download the FREE and high quality printable PDF file for the '7 areas of life goal setting worksheet'.

Are you interested in setting goals in multiple areas of your life?

Maybe your looking to challenge yourself more broadly? Or maybe in a more balanced and patient way?

This worksheet will allow you to think through what you want to achieve in 7 popular and key areas of goal setting.

You might want to print it out and read through the examples below to see which goals feel like something you'd like to shoot for?

  • Your social life - goals to enhance the connections in your life (goals may include to surprise a friend with a thoughtful gift, or to show you're thinking of a loved one, to find love, to go on holiday with someone to strengthen your connection, doing something fun or something new with someone, doing more of what you love to do with someone who also loves it)
  • Your family (do you want to expand your family, have children, help someone in your family achieve something, help your family become closer, support a family member in some way)
  • Your health (do you want to exercise more, lose weight, take up a sport, eat healthier, improve your nutritional awareness or balance, improve your psychological health, increase your strength)
  • Your career (would you like to start a new career, get a promotion, create a new income stream, look for new directions, start a business, expand your current business)
  • Your finances (Is it time to save money, pay off debts, expand your capital, spend less, invest, create new sources of income)
  • Your learning (are you keen to learn something new, deeper your knowledge of a particular topic, go back to university and master some topic, read quality books intended to improve your life in some way, take a course to improve some area of your life, do some self-initiated work based learning)
  • Your character (how about a focus on strengthening your character. is it time to work with a counsellor, or a life or transformational coach, would you like to enhance the gratitude in your life, or your grit in tough situations, or increase your awareness of your character strengths and use them more often, the possibilities are endless). By the way, if you like you can discover what some of your most important and natural strengths are with this FREE 15 minute strengths survey

These are just a few thoughts about the kinds of goals you might set in each area when using this goal setting worksheet... but of course the ideas here are far from exhaustive...

In fact, I think it's important to set goals based on your own definition and idea of what a social goal, a family goal, or a character goal might be.

Getting (more Of) What You Want Pdf Free Download 64 Bit

The beauty of this goal setting worksheet is you can explore multiple areas, and also explore multiple time frames. It can be a great way of deciding what you might want to focus on straight away, and what for example could take centre stage in a couple of months.

Of course, you don't necessarily need to set goals in all 7 areas. You might want to think of this more as a creative exercise in self-discovery... a tool to work out priorities... or an aid to support planning your year... Feel free to use all these goal setting worksheets in any way you wish!

3. Set goals for each role in your life

Which role would you like to focus on next?

Click HERE to download the FREE and high quality printable PDF file for the 'roles and goals worksheet'.

You no doubt have many roles you play in life. To some you are a close friend, to others you are work friend... you may be a mother, a brother, a daughter, a neighbour, a boss...


It can be powerful to think of just how many people you are connected with and how many people you can have a potentially positive impact on in the course of your life.

The goal setting worksheet above will not only let you think about where you'd like to focus in your relationships... what you'd like to improve... but it'll also raise awareness of how connected you are in the first place.

If you are a people person and you like to think of your goals in terms of how they reach and influence others this may be the goal setting worksheet for you.

If you think for a moment of the people in your life and how they make your life so much better than it would be without them... You do the same for many other people. Even if you don't see them often, those positive connections that you've co-created have a significant influence on your life.

If you're most interested in improving in some way, or enhancing the quality of these connections... or maybe even increasing the number of these connections... then you can use this worksheet to create ideas and motivation towards this.

4. This years goals

What are you aiming for this year?

Getting (more Of) What You Want Pdf Free Download Free

Click HERE to download the FREE and high quality printable PDF file for the 'my goals this year' goal setting worksheet.

There is something about the start of a new year...

It seems to naturally lead people to want to make some kind of a fresh start.

You might get a high quality planner for the year...

You start to think about what your new year's resolutions are...

You take a little time off and find yourself thinking about your year ahead...

There is often more than the average motivation and hope around at the beginning of the year... and this is potentially a great opportunity as someone interested in goal setting!

A year can be quite a long time. 365 days. 8760 hours. 525,600 minutes. It makes sense to spend some time thinking about and planning where you'd like to go... what you'd like to change... outcomes you'd be pleased to see...

If you're already doing the new year's resolution thing... then why not upgrade! Using these goal setting worksheets will basically be like having new year's resolutions but better!

You will be naturally using an approach that has the backing of the power of scientific findings in achievement and persistence and it won't feel any more difficult to do...

BUT... the results will, on average, be better!

When using the worksheet above you'll be able to set 5 goals. Feel free to set less and leave some blank or print out two and set more. While using the worksheet above you can bring into focus:

  • what 5 things are most important for you to focus on this year
  • when you imagine you'll see some positive result in each goal
  • what action steps you could potentially take that will cause progress towards your top 5 goals
  • you can also tick the box when you've done an action. It's motivational to carry a feeling of 'I'm doing it' and 'I've done well'

Getting (more Of) What You Want Pdf Free Download Windows 10

5. Top 3 things I'm focusing on right now

3... Is the Magic Number!

Click HERE to download the FREE and high quality printable PDF file for the 'top 3 main goals right now' goal setting worksheet.

If you agree with De La Soul that '3 is the magic number' then this may be the goal setting worksheet for you.

It might be considered by some as odd to only focus on one goal at a time...

If this is you, and you prefer to do a little multitasking... or multi-focusing... then you can use the '3 main goals right now' worksheet above to zone in on your 3 most important or most imminent goals.

You can bring into focus:

  • what 3 things are most important for you to focus on you right now
  • when you'd like to see some positive result by in each area
  • what action steps you'd like to take first towards your 3 goals
  • you can also bring into the limelight the qualities or strengths relevant to each goal that you have. i.e. is your kindness going to support you in reaching this goal? or perhaps your social intelligence? Or you're leadership ability? You can find out more about your strengths are by filling out this FREE 15 minute survey
  • you can also tick off when you've completed each step to create a sense of accomplishment as you make progress

6. Your main goal right now

Do you have one goal which is your top priority?

You no doubt have many big dreams and hopes for the future. With all of those in mind there is something significant about choosing the main thing to take on...

Well, this worksheet will help energise you towards something that's important to you... right here, right now.

Of course, this doesn't mean you can't go for multiple goals at the same time. That said, I think having a main focus can be powerful.

So, what do you feel is the most important thing for you to tackle right now? Is there something, that if you were to achieve in the next couple of months, would best open the path wide to the future you desire?

Whatever you decide to focus on... if you start moving in one direction, and you realise a week later than you have more immediate priorities, feel free to be flexible... All progress is good progress!

If you liked the above...
Click on the pictures or headings below to go to the topic that interests you most...

New SMART Goal Worksheet.

To make sure your goals are SMART you can use this worksheet.

This article describes how to download the high quality printable PDF. You can use the questions to make sure each goal you set is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timed.

To-do list from WiseGoals

If you love to do lists, this may make you smile...

It comes with a 'when will you do it' planning box, and a tick box for when you complete each thing! Use in combo with one of the worksheets above for even greater effectiveness!

Weight Loss Goal Setting Worksheet

If you're interested in losing weight or reducing your body fat percentage you might want to use this worksheet.

This article describes how to download the printable PDF. You can choose either a blank version or the version with an example already entered.

Personal Finances Goal Worksheet.

Do you want to get on top of your finances ? For example, by increasing savings or income?

This article shows you how to download a spreadsheet that can be used for this.

Debt Reduction Goal Worksheet.

Has the time come to pay off your debts?

You can get super organised with this spreadsheet and work out exactly where you currently stand debt wise.

You can play around with different time-frames of payment and land at a plan that works for you.

SMART Goal Setting Worksheet.

This worksheet has a SMART checker tick list. You can use this worksheet either for yourself, your students, or your clients.

This article describes how to download the printable PDF. Answer the questions to check if your goal is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-framed.

Personal Goal Worksheet.

If you're keen to think about the many areas in life you can set personal goals in this worksheet might be useful. You can use this worksheet to brainstorm lots of different ideas. Topics include career, family, friends, health, home, learning, love, money, development, physical, and social.

Read this article to find out how to download the printable PDF.

Budgeting Goal Worksheet.

Would you like to use a worksheet to help you budget you monthly expenses and income?

Having the current reality and cold hard facts lay out in front of us can have a motivational impact and can also unlock creative ideas.

This article will tell you how to download the free spreadsheet.

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