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Having a catchy title is the key to grabbing people’s attention. It’s your golden ticket to increased traffic and wider audience.

Journal writing is one of the most accessible, basic ways to practice self-care when you are depressed or anxious. Journal writing can be done virtually anywhere, at any time. And journal prompts can help get your writing flowing. (Free PDF printable worksheet: journal prompts for anxiety and depression- included in this post.). 16 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself Branden has written, “A goal without an action plan is a daydream.” Motion creates the self. In my experience as a teacher, consultant, and writer, I have accumulated 100 ways of thinking that lead directly to motivation. In my work as a.

  1. Download full-text PDF Read full-text. Download full-text PDF. This NebGuide explains the different ways people are motivated and suggests strategies leaders can use to get the best performance.
  2. Adobe PDF® files for free download at. What Motivates People worksheet and ask participants to complete it by adding boxes as the group talks. On eraser board.

You need to elicit interest, emotion, and curiosity in your potential readers to make your blog post title as irresistible as possible.

Plus, it plays a crucial role in improving your search ranking.

For example, you’re writing an article about starting a website, instead of using “Creating A Website” as a blog title, you’d want to write “How To Start A Website in 3 Easy Steps“ or “How To Start A Website in Less Than 20 Minutes” instead.

Not only it’s more attractive, your post also get a higher chance of landing in the first pages in the search results since it’s more specific and there’s less competition for the latter phrase (a.k.a long tail keywords) than the former.

Download Free PDF. Effective Ways to Motivate Employees in an Organization. Download Download PDF. Full PDF Package Download Full PDF Package. 2 Term Paper on Effective Ways to Motivate People in an Organization MGT201: Organizational Behavior: Submitted to: Dr. Shamsun Nahar Ahmed Course Instructor, Organizational. Most employees need motivation to feel good about their jobs and perform optimally. Some employees are money motivated while others find recognition and rewards personally motivating. Motivation levels within the workplace have a direct impact on employee productivity. Download Free PDF. Download Free PDF. Term Paper on Effective Ways to Motivate People in an Organization MGT201: Organizational Behavior Team Greatness 2 Term.

You get it.

So be creative. Be intriguing.

We all know the importance of a great title, but how can we really achieve this?

6 Quick Tips for writing titles

(Scroll down for the title templates!)

Before you can actually write a great headline, you need to know the principles, tips, and guides behind. There are different ways that you can come up with an attention-grabbing title, but the fundamental principles remain the same.

1. Use catchy adjective words. Add some color to your title. The stronger and thought-provoking your adjectives are, the better you get people to take action.

2. Use numbers. Start off your title with numbers. It draws people’s attention. It’s a great way to tell your audience how much exactly they’re going to get. Studies show that digits work better than words (So instead of writing “five”, write “5”).

3. Use popular search queries such as how-to, what is. Generally speaking, people are looking for something useful and relevant. Plus, most searchers look for HOW-TO and WHAT-IS post. Beside catching people’s attention, including “how to” or “what is” in your title will also attract the search engines.

4. Keep it short and focused. An effective title is short enough can convey the best message possible. The title must be concise, but at the same time descriptive. Don’t forget to include keywords for SEO and avoid jargons. I prefer using less than 70 characters since Google cuts off titles longer than that. Use a meta length counter to check your title count!

5. Never mislead. If your title doesn’t coincide with the main message of your post, you’ll lose credibility and tarnish your reputation. While it might be tempting to manipulate your title just to get more attention, it’ll only hurt your blog in the future. Not to mention that search engine will eventually ignore your site because your title does not match with its content.

6. Don’t limit yourself. Read and listen to other people, but you should never lose your uniqueness in the process. Be creative!

I. Blog Post Title Templates

Here’s a huge collection of blog post titles you can add to your “Swipe File”. Look into a subject you’re interested in and find a way on how you can use these templates. Don’t forget to scroll down for the “add-ons” to make your headlines even more seductive!

  • How To Seriously ____ That Drives ____
  • How To ____ in [#] easy steps
  • How To ____ in
  • How I Made ____ in ____
  • How To Find ____
  • How To Rock ____
  • How To Make A Strong ____
  • How To Completely Change ____
  • How To Create ____ That Gets ____
  • How To Get More ____
  • How To Generate More ____
  • How To Quickly ____
  • How To Deliver
  • How To Use ____ To Stand Out
  • How To Tell If ____
  • How ____ Boost Your ____
  • How To ____ The Right Way
  • How ____ Can Inspire Your ____
  • How To Get Rid Of ____
  • What To Do With ____
  • Where To Find ____
  • Quick Guide:
  • A Complete Guide To ____
  • What to Look for ____
  • Ultimate Guide: ____
  • Advanced Guide: ____
  • Beginners Guide: ____
  • Hack: ____
  • DIY ____
  • Practical Guide: ____
  • The Anatomy Of ____ That Gets ____
  • Full Guide: ____
  • How To Unlock ____
  • Getting Smart With:
  • [#] Things your ____ Doesn’t Tell You
  • [#]____ Trends For [YEAR]
  • [#] ____Every ____ Should Own
  • [#] ____ to Consider For ____
  • [#] Amazing ____ To Try Right Now
  • [#] Insane ____ That Will Give You ____
  • [#] Types of ____
  • [#] Questions You Should Ask Before _____
  • [#] Worth-It ____ For ____
  • [#] Jobs That Will Make You _____
  • [#] Secrets To ____
  • [#] Resources to Help You Become _____
  • [#] Ways to Embrace ____
  • [#] Proven Ways To ____
  • [#] Signs You Might ____
  • [#]-Point Checklist: ____
  • [#] Pointers ____
  • [#] Rules For ____
  • [#] Habits Of ____
  • [#] Things You Need To Know Before ____
  • [#] Ideas To ____
  • [#] Trends You Need To Know ____
  • [#] Best ____ To ____
  • [#] ____ We Love
  • [#] Most Amazing ____ To ____
  • [#] Facts About ____
  • [#] Essential Things For ____
  • [#] Key Benefits Of ____
  • [#] Examples Of ____ To Inspire You
  • [#] ______ That Will Motivate You Today
  • [#] ______ Ideas
  • [#] Reasons You Didn’t Get ______
  • [#] Tips For _____
  • [#] Smart Strategies To ____
  • [#] Most Effective Tactics To ____
  • [#] Most Popular Ways To ____
  • [#] Essential Steps To ____
  • [#] Wrong Ways To____
  • [#] Creative Ways ____
  • [#] Tips For Busy ____
  • [#] No-Nonsense ____
  • [#] Surprising ____
  • [#] Handy Tips From ____ For ____
  • [#] Superb Ways To _____ Without
  • [#] Tricks _____
  • [#] Ways To Make Sure Your ____ Is Not ____
  • [#] Mistakes You’ll Never Make Again
  • [#] Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make
  • [#] Tactics To _____
  • [#] Super Tips _____
  • [#] That Will Make You _____
  • [#] Foolproof _____ Tips For _____
  • [#] Epic Formula To _____
  • [#] Supercharge Your _____
  • [#] Pleasant Ways To _____
  • [#] Insane Ways To _____
  • [#] Unique Ways To _____
  • [#] Greatest _____ Hacks For _____
  • [#] Things You Didn’t Know About _____
  • [#] Wittiest _____ To _____
  • [#] Manly Things To _____
  • [#] Outrageous _____
  • [#] Weird But Effective _____ For
  • [#] Things You Should Never Do _____
  • [#] Wearable _____ For _____
  • [#] Kick-Ass Ways To _____Like A Ninja!

Pick of the Week / Month

  • Editor’s Pick Of The Week
  • Readers Pick of The Month


  • What No One Tells You About
  • Questions
  • You’re Doing It Wrong:
  • Are The ___?
  • Why Are ___?
  • Who On The Earth ___
  • [#] Things That Make You Look Dumb On ____
  • You Won’t Believe
  • What an ____ Really Looks Like
  • Amazing Secrets
  • Wish I had Known
  • [#] Myths About


  • Why Do You Want to ____?
  • Is Your ____ Design To ____?
  • Should You Create ____ To ____?
  • Why You Need To ____ For ____
  • Why Should You ____
  • Is ____ Affecting Your ____
  • Quiz: ____
  • Today’s Big Q: ____
  • What The Heck Is ____?
  • Why I Don’t _____
  • Who Else ____?


  • ___ VS ___ : Which Do You Need?
  • ___ VS ___ : Which Is Really Better?
  • Why ___ beats ___


  • Throwback Thursdays: ______
  • Best Tip Ever: ______
  • The Only Tip You Need: ______

Bonus: More Title Templates + PDF Version

Click the image below to download the 100+ more title templates plus the printable PDF version of this post:

II. Add-Ons

Examples: Powerful Adjective Words

Here’s a list of adjectives that you can use to make your post titles even more appealing.

Snazzy / Juicy / Sizzling / Easy / Crazy / Awesome / Epic / Best / Damn Good / Fab / Jet-Setter / Fascinating / Unbelievable / Beautiful / Terrible / Controversial / Shocking / Fluffy / Tasty / Seductive / Fantastic / Brilliant / Top / Powerful / Attention-Grabbing / Delicious / Mouthwatering / Gorgeous / Successful / Valuable / Useful / Fantastic / Efficient / Trendy / Beautifully / Baddest / Kick-Ass / Bestest / Irresistible / Clever / Winning Formulas / Seriously / Disturbing / Savvy / Useless / Insane / Outrageous / Mind-blowing / Proven / Recommended / Spiffy / Sleek

Examples: Strong Action Verbs

And here are some verbs that will totally stir your readers to read your post further.

Build / Make / Create / Spice Up / Apply / Break / Start / Bring / Get / Benefit / Drive / Describe / Define / Discover / Search / Exclude / Eliminate / Enhance / Beautify / Engage / Fail / Gain / Grow / Generate / Illustrate / Increase / Optimize / Overcome / Stop / Keep / Move / Maximize / Manipulate / Maintain / Perform / Promote / Play / Prepare / Prove / Shape / Show

III. Useful Tools + Resources

  • SumoMe Sharing Buttons. Boost your social media shares with SumoMe! See those floating social buttons beside this content, and those “sharing” buttons when you hover on the images? Encourage your users to spread the word about your brand with SumoMe’s social sharing buttons.
  • Hubspot Blog Topic Generator. O M G. This tool is super duper awesome. It will instantly give you clever blog topics and titles. So if you run out of blog ideas, you can go to this website. Just specify at least three nouns and let the tool suggest the best titles possible using those nouns.

IV. Services We Offer

How To Motivate People Pdf Free Download Pdf

Just in case you’re looking for more ways to generate more traffic or boost your online presence, we can help! Here are the marketing services we offer that might be helpful to you:

  • Website Review: We look at the ins and outs of your site and provide you with a detailed list of ways to improve your site for SEO, user experience, site speed and more.
  • WordPress Optimization Services: We optimize your site to make your WordPress site load faster and boost your search engine rankings.

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One of the Best Works of Steve Chandler. published in multiple languages including English, consists of 220 pages and is available in Paperback format for offline reading.

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