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TikTok Marketing for Beginners – A Marketer’s Guide to Advertising on Tiktok. TikTok has seemingly exploded from nowhere to become one of the most downloaded apps in the world. It began life as a moderately successful video-sharing app – tagged Douyin in its native China and TikTok in the rest of the world. In 2018, however, it bought out. Influencer Marketing For Dummies PDF Download Are you looking for read ebook online? Search for your book and save it on yourKindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Download Influencer Marketing For Dummies PDF full book. Access full book title Influencer Marketing For Dummies by Kristy Sammis. Download free books in PDF and EPUB format.

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Download and Read online Salesforce Com For Dummies, ebooks in PDF, epub, Tuebl Mobi, Kindle Book. Get Free Salesforce Com For Dummies Textbook and unlimited ac. Influencer marketing, content marketing strategies, and more! Use targeted, measurable marketing strategies to promote brands and products Increase brand awareness, customer. FREE DOWNLOAD!Influencer marketing can be defined as the practice of marketing products or services through people who have the ability to influence consumers. It involves identifying and building relationships with influential individuals who can sway your customers' purchase decisions.In this ebook, you will learn about:What is Influencer Marketing?

: Kristy Sammis
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The easy way to get 'in' with influencer marketing Are you a marketing guru looking to stay at the top of your game? Then you need to be in the know on influencer marketing. A hybrid of content marketing and native advertising, influencer marketing is an established trend in marketing that identifies and targets individuals with influence over potential buyers. Although this has usually meant focusing on popular celebrities and Internet personalities, there is a new wave of 'everyday consumers' that can have a large impact. In Influencer Marketing For Dummies, you'll find out how to market to those who rock social media—and, subsequently, grow your brand. Influencer marketing relies on building strong relationships with customers. With the help of this hands-on, friendly guide, you'll discover how to build superior customer service and experience, make strong interactions with customers, and encourage organic and authentic sharing about your brand. Measure the most impact that content has on your overall marketing strategy Find influencers: it's not just a numbers game or a 'who's who' of social media Engage with influencers once you've found them Recognize the best practices of influencer marketing and outreach If you're a marketer, media agency professional, business owner, or anyone else who works hard to bring brands, products, and services to the largest audience possible, Influencer Marketing For Dummies is the go-to guide you don't want to be without.

Given the thousands of influencers listed on our Influencer Directory platform, brands often reach out to influencers through and don’t know HOW to correctly brief them on the right way. Download powered by socialgo blog entsteht for FREE. All formats available for PC, Mac, eBook Readers and other mobile devices. Download powered by socialgo blog entsteht.pdf. How to win friends and influence people.pdf. How to win friends and influence people.pdf.

Keeping Instagram Layout in one style is one of factor why Influencer Instagram feed is aesthetic and stylish. The reason why their photos stand out from others is using the same presets over and over and keep the persistent filter from one photo to another. Using this preset below will make your skin photos look more tan, dramatic effect, a bit brown feel. That’s okay if you want to play around with exposure, contrast, or add more black and whites in post-processing presets.

Here is Influencer Instagram Lightroom Presets Mobile before / left and after / right.

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Influencer Marketing For Dummies PDF Free Download

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Influencer marketing for dummies pdf free download free

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Three to 6 figures in the amount of Instagram or YouTube followers can get an influencer the same kind of digits in annual income. For that, however, an influencer must excel at a lot of valuable relations with different brands. And that’s where influencer marketing becomes crucial to the profitability of posting classy content. As usual, we want to help out in your quest to become a perfect influencer. And we’ll do so by clarifying some basics around the topic and defining very clearly what goes in an influencer media kit.

What is an influencer?

An influencer is basically a person who’s grown a broad audience in a particular niche. Yet, they moreover have the power of directing their followers’ decisions. They do so around commerce and being a go-to-point for those that engage with them. Social media influencers, on the other hand, specifically use social media channels as the primary source for their communications and engagement.

What is the value of an influencer?

Because of the description of an influencer above, the value to an influencer comes from how much they can help brands achieve marketing goals. The asset to an influencer is their relationships and the level of engagement they possess with their audiences, making it absolutely valuable for product and service positioning for diverse companies.

What is a media kit?

A media kit is a document that speaks of you, a brand, product, or business. An influencer media kit can be considered that person’s portfolio. It includes figures on their style, their personal brand as much as figures on their social media status, trajectory, and growth.

What goes in an influencer media kit?

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For the question that brings us together here, we’ll clarify what should be included in an influencer’s media kit. We’ll list our recommended slides below. For this, we’ll obviously rely on our free influencer media kit template. It’s not just because it’s our own. Our choice has more to do with the stellar creative team behind this template, our specialized background in business presentations topped with our proven record of engaging social media management.

In the end, our agency has been involved in the creation and design of over 30,000 startups. And our YouTube channel on startups recently surpassed 100K followers, making its way to its silver award.

Templates also make your work much easier and quicker to accomplish, giving you beautiful design with engaging content. Now, let’s see what it has to offer, whether you end up relying on it or creating an influencer media kit from scratch.

1. Cover slide and contact details

Start with a cover that gives people your social media handle and contact details. The idea is for them to be able to reach and scout you without having to do much research.

2. Brief bio

Follow the above with a short section on who you are. Include what you’re currently doing, your trajectory to explain how you got to where you are, and your ambitions. Express those goals that set your path for where you’re also going, or aiming to get. Stress out any accomplishments here, and your main focus in what you do. What would be a vision and mission for any company should be what viewers to your media kit can take away from this short bio.

3. Describe your website

Expanding a bit on above, describe your vision through a description of your website. Visually give out what your main topics of interest are. Focus on those that bring your audience to follow you. Brands will want to see themselves identified here, so make sure you’re explicit about potential matches according to niches and the sections of an industry you handle best.

We create a slide specifically for your site traffic. It’s coming up below, so leave this data for later, a bit further down the road in this influencer media kit.

4. Social media metrics

Give out your figures now, excluding the last ones on site traffic we just mentioned. It’s not time yet for those particular ones, though it’s proper to get down to other numbers now. How many followers do you have in the most relevant social media channels?

We can think of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, to name a few of the basic ones. Icons will help identify the channel quickly. Just give out the total number of followers below.

Ideally, if you’re presenting this kit, your pitch will help make your case. With easily identifiable information such as icons, the media kit can also speak on its own if emailed or shared via a link.

5. Collaboration opportunities

Before crafting this particular slide, we hope you’ve been able to ponder all you have to offer your potential business partners. The same goes for the diverse brands you wish to attract. Once you’re settled on what you have to give, display those opportunities visually in a single slide if you can.

Define your pricing as you give out what you envision as an offer. We suggest thinking of social promotion, sponsored posts, product reviews, a brand ambassador program, and guest blogging. Yet, you might have more to this list and can fill it with other innovative and unique ideas. Claim your value and define starting prices for how much your collaborations would cost per unit or bundle. However you decide to put this together, give this lots of thought and research your competitive landscape if you can. It’s always profitable to know what people in the same niche with similar characteristics and possibilities are doing.

6. Site traffic

Like your social media metrics, but taking this a step further, go into other critical metrics on your traffic. It’s finally time for that slide we anticipated before.

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Include your bounce rate, for example. Let possible sponsors know how many monthly views you get on your site, how much time your users spend on average, how many unique visitors you have, and what your bounce rate is. These figures should jump out substantially and positively as you display them.

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7. Wrap it up with a CTA

Your call to action (CTA) is always a high final point to any presentation. In terms of influencer media kits, make your last slides about establishing contact. Seek to get people to reach back to you to discuss potential deals. For that, explicitly request contact if that’s the appropriate next step and what you’re seeking. Then, reiterate your essential contact information, including your website’s URL, email address, and phone number.

Care to see something different in your slides other than what this template offers? Starting at $29 per slide, our consulting and design services can lend you a hand. Or contact us for any needs you might have.

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We hope you rock your influencer deals with this info and seal deals to propel you into even more growth moving forward.