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A strong labor market with full employment need not be a rare economic anomaly that returns roughly twice for every one appearance of Halley’s Comet. Full employment can be a regular feature of the policy landscape, with tremendous benefits for rising living standards, poverty. 50 percent cut in the labor supply of Palestinian com-muters increased their real wage by about 50 percent, implying that the demand elasticity for Palestinian com-muters is on the order of 1. Source: Joshua D. Angrist, “Short-Run Demand for Palestinian Labor,” Journal of Labor Economics 14 (July 1996): 425–453.

Faced with mountains of paper documents, labor-intensive processes, and rising operational costs, a large site network turns to digital solutions to speed study execution across all of their studies.

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How St. Jude Shifted From Reactive to Proactive to Enable Their Clinical Research Teams

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Ohio Sleep Medicine Institute: Getting Started with eRegulatory

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Monmouth Park will offer free general parking and has removed the additional Clubhouse admission fee in advance of the 2022 racing season. In a continuation of the track's fan-friendly “We're Back” campaign, all general admission has been set at $6. In a change from previous seasons, that price will be the same for Grandstand and Clubhouse admission. Once inside the racetrack, there will be no additional fee to move from the Grandstand to Clubhouse. There will be a fee for valet parking.

As in year's past, general admission will be free for children 12 and under, plus service men or women with military ID.

Just in time for the holiday season, Monmouth will offer the 2022 VIP Season Pass for sale beginning Dec. 15. The season pass is valid for one general admission for each of the 58 race days between May 7 and Labor Day, including GI Haskell Day. The final two Saturdays of the season, Sept. 10 and 17, will feature free general admission for all.

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As previously announced, Monmouth will return to its traditional picnic area policy of allowing coolers.

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