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While this isn’t a book that focuses on explicit leadership skills, it is a book that will help leaders and followers at all levels hone those “soft skills” that are such a large part of being a leader. Command presence in particular is an important tool in the leader’s toolbox,. This book will help you develop your leadership presence. The authors offer a simple and compelling framework as well as practices for developing your 'signature voice.' Wherever you sit in an organization, you can develop presence if you are able to do two things well: demonstrate your authentic value and distinction and connect to others in a.

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Leadership Presence Guide

Our world needs leaders.

We need leaders in our homes, our businesses, our communities, and we need to lead our own lives. You don’t need a title or a position to be a leader. You simply need to start leading.

How? First, determine where you’re going. Second, start moving. Third, invite others to join you in a way they can’t resist.

To do that last one, you need leadership presence. Luckily, leadership presence is not a personality trait you may or may not have been born with. Leadership presence is a skill that can be learned, practiced, and mastered.

Leadership Presence PDF Free download

Executive Presence Ppt

If you would like to increase your presence and communicate leadership, request my FREE guide below.

leadership presence guide

Leadership Presence PDF Free Download 64 Bit

In this free 22-page PDF guide, you will learn the four components of Presence and how to communicate leadership in each area. It's chockful of tips, exercises, and practical tools that you can use to communicate your vision and values with authority, confidence and power. Enter your name and address and a link will be emailed directly to you.