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A year ago we started sending MAKE PDFs through iTunes, we were hoping it would catch on and eventually become another way to distribute eBooks – we have some more stuff planned that should be out this week too, so – I’m hoping Makers out there can help test. I just put MAKE 06 – Made on Earth in the iTunes (RSS) feed. Click here to subscribe in iTunes and download the PDF. It should be there once iTunes checks our feed… Post in the comment if/when you get it in iTunes or whatever RSS reader you use that does enclosures… Link.

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The Rise of Python
Program your hardware the fastest & easiest way yet
Welcome: Sharing Skills 05
Video has become an indispensable tool for learning, but it still doesn’t beat hands-on practice to master a skill.
Reader Input 06
Notes from readers like you.
Made on Earth 08
Backyard builds from around the globe.
The Adafruit Clue microcontroller lights up with a graphic from the PyCon 2020 conference.
Credits: Adafruit,
Robb Design/PyCon
Reinventing a Material World 14
We need new tricks — quick — to decarbonize our stuff and the ways we manufacture it.
Protests Matter 20
50+ how-to’s for flexing your constitutional rights.
Virtually Maker Faire 22
Makers around the world logged on for an epic 24-hour, global show and tell.
So Many Choices 24
With more features and control than ever, dev boards give makers limitless options for their projects.
Python on Hardware 28
Python’s star is rapidly rising in physical computing. Here’s why to use Python (or not!) in your next project.
Microcontrollers, Meet MicroBlocks 35
Physical computing software for education that runs live on the microcontroller!
Shut Your Pi-Hole 38
Use a Raspberry Pi to block internet ads on your entire network — computers, smart TVs, phone apps, all of it.
The Original Guide to Boards 2020
All the specs you need to pick the right board for your next project. Plus, download the special app for augmented reality extras!
Lights... Camera... Make! 42
Advice from the pros on how to become a projectdocumenting content creator.
Tools of the Trade 48
Set up your YouTuber studio smartly with these tips.
YouTube Maker Alarm 54
Build a custom notification circuit that lights up when your favorite maker uploads a new video.
Camera Shy 58
The host of UglyDucklingHouse shares her contemporaries’ reasons for avoiding YouTube.
DIY Mobile Handwashing Station 62
Bring the clean with this 32-gallon rig made from common hardware.
Storm Globe 68
Forget snow globes — build a swirling tempest for your desk using magnetic stirring and LED lightning!
The Game of Jeu Gruyère 72
This simple woodworking project provides years of backyard fun, French style.
DIY Atlas of Space 78
Going to the moon and Mars? You’ll need maps. Beautiful maps.
Knot the Child You’re Looking For 82
Cosplaying While Black 94
Tips on getting started and ignoring the haters.
R/C Garbage Can Zombie 100
Build the scariest prop in the hood, and have more fun than your kids, with this drivable update of a classic.
Bread Head 108
Serve Halloween guests a creepy loaf of sourdough in the shape of your own dome.
DIY Fog Projection Screen 112
Low-cost and lightweight, this indoor-outdoor screen looks awesome and adapts to the weather
D-I-Ply 116
Reuse hollow-core doors to make plywood and more, with less work than you think.
Toolbox 122
Gear up with the latest tools and kits for makers.
Toy Inventor’s Notebook: Roth’s Orbitron 86
Making the Hot Wheels car that never was!
Amateur Scientist:
Badder Than Batteries 92
Getting to know the super fast-charging supercapacitor.
Universal Lego Sorter 128
Built entirely from bricks, this machine can identify and sort any part made, ever.

Made On Earth Pdf Free Download Free

Made On Earth PDF Free Download

Made On Earth Pdf free. download full

As climate science and the Earth’s climate have continued to evolve over recent decades, increasing evidence of anthropogenic infl uences on climate change has been found. Correspondingly, the IPCC has made increasingly more defi nitive statements about human impacts on climate. Debate has stimulated a wide variety of climate change research. Born of the technology of World War II and the tensions of the Cold War, the space age began in Space-Based Astronomy Activity Guide for Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education5 THE SPACE AGE BEGINS Within months of each other, the United States and the Soviet Union launched their first artificial satellites into orbit around Earth.