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OMR sheet is a kind of examination answer sheets. [PDF] NEET OMR Sheet 2021 PDF Download. We will let you know that How to fill OMR Sheet in Mock Test & Prelims Exams and Main Exams. These sheets are used to answer multiple-choice questions. In most of the competitive exams, it is the favorite strategy to take answers from the candidates. each question is assigned a circular space for each option. A candidate is required to shade or imprint the correct alternatives relating circle. For example, if a question is having four options then there will be four circular spaces under the question and a candidate has to shade the correct circular space. How is the OMR sheet of the NEET? Does it contain a different sheet for chemistry, physics and biology, or three of them are in single sheet itself?

The scanning machine will reject the OMR sheet if students do not properly darken the bubble. It is advised to the students not to darken the bubble with a pencil unless it is specified but use only HB pencils only. It is difficult to correct your mistake if you darken the wrong bubble.

The scanning of the OMR sheet is very fast. Students have colored the circle properly and double entry is not allowed. The scanner of OMR sheets scans 2000 to 10000 sheets per hour.

Michael Sokolski invented the OMR scanner. The OMR sheet is made for multiple-choice questions.


Get complete information on NEET OMR Sheet 2021 and download the sample OMR Sheet pdf for practice. NTA has released the NEET 2021 OMR Sheet. Optical mark recognition, it is a sheet which captures human marked data from the documents as like data along with the test. Candidates can read questions by which multiple-choice question which exists in the form along with as like lines as well as a shaded area.

To detect the shaded circles, phototubes on the opposite side were used. It is usually instructed to use either ballpoint pens or pencils. Initially, people couldn’t use blue ballpoint pens because blue ink reflects and send light. Therefore, the pencil was most appropriate for this reason because graphite is an Opaque object.

Later, with the advancement in the optical answer sheets, these sheets started to reflect lighter inks also. These sheets have proven very effective for a long time since its inception.

Why are OMR Sheets used?

OMR Sheets are used as they make the checking process simpler and easier. They save a lot of time of the staff. The checking process becomes more accurate when OMR Sheets are used and hence it is considered to be very reliable.

NEET OMR Sheet 2021 – Download Response Sheet at

NTA has released the NEET 2021 OMR Sheet. NTA has uploaded the scanned images of NEET 2021 OMR Sheets and recorded responses for the candidates. NEET 2021 Result out on October 2021.

Oct 2021

NEET OMR sheet 2021 – Payment

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OMR Sheets Samples

OMR sheets are also known as bubble sheets. The forms are a sort of extraordinary answer sheets which are used for different purposes mainly for exams. These sheets are also used by the business sector and the medical sector for filling surveys etc. There are different patterns of OMR sheet present according to the requirement. These OMR sheets are customized by each university or institutions according to their exam requirement. Almost every educator instructs the students on how to fill this OMR sheet appropriately because of the following reasons:

  • it catches human marked information
  • ambiguity may be caused by rewriting which will lead to errors
  • filling more than one circle is not allowed

What are the OMR sheets?

OMR sheets are generally robust instruments that summarize, collect and record data filled by the students digitally. These are made up of offset paper, a kind of paper grade which is similar to book paper.

  • Its purpose is to reflect the darkened areas conveniently.
  • Generally, they are used for assigning exam answers and mark students based on their result.
  • It is appropriate to print and manufacture OMR sheets and use the offset printing method.
  • Suitable for security purposes while evaluating.
  • Plagiarism is not possible.
  • Manipulation of entered data is also not possible.
  • The keyed-in data is unchanged all over the process.
  • Data remains unchanged throughout the process. After the submission, sheets are checked by the scanner software.
  • There is no step in between to alter or manualize anything.
  • As duplicity is not allowed, the system can never be wrong.
  • Highly efficient and effective cost.
  • OMR sheet cost is as low as an Indian single rupee.
  • Quick processing for result announcement is possible by easy analysis.
  • The regular methods calculate data and give fast results.
The 5 patterns of extraordinary careers pdf free download free

OMR sheet full form

The full form of OMR is Optical Mark Recognition. As the full form suggests, the right answer or the response should be marked on the given OMR sheet. The absence or presence of the mark at the correct position is checked which leads to conclusions. The marked area is observed by using proper scanner devices and a value is returned. The evaluated value is the score or result that is expected from the test.

OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) is mainly used for MCQs, competitive tests, assessments, medical reports, feedback surveys, etc.

This technology is purely based on manual entries i. e., the shading needs to be physical by the students and the rest of the process is completed through automatic software.

Despite several revolutions and introductions into the online forms of exams and documents, OMR is still popular and employed by the most important and common exams because of its perfect result producing capability.

It collects data from “fill-in-the-bubble” strategy.



OMR sheet is also used in the Central Teacher Eligibility CBSE which is conducted all over India twice a year for the selection of qualified teachers and the OMR answer sheets method is used for evaluation. The OMR sheet CTET allows the students to enter the details like roll number, shift, date of birth, group, Asc and a serial number of the question paper.

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A pattern of OMR sheets is described below:

  • There is a unique answer sheet number on each OMR sheet CTET for its identification on the right-hand bottom corner.
The 5 Patterns of Extraordinary Careers PDF Free Download windows 10
  • There are four sections for each subject on the sheet-

The 5 Patterns Of Extraordinary Careers Pdf Free Download Pdf

Physics, Mathematics, Biology and English.

  • There are 50 question in each subject and four options (A, B, C and D) for each question.
  • In each section, these questions are numbered from 1 to 50.
  • The use of whiteners is not recommended. However, you may use the whitener to correct the error.
  • Only black or blue ballpoint pens are used. The use of pencil is not allowed.

OMR sheets for NEET

The National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test is conducted by the Indian government for the candidates who want to studyMBBS or BDS in AIIMS, JIPMER. OMR sheets used in NEET contain columns to fill details like candidate’s name, Centre code, contact number, roll number, 10th and 11th-grade marks and category.

  • All the required details must be shaded with respective letters or numbers.
  • For the signature of student and invigilator, there are two different sections.
  • Every sheet has a unique barcode and a number.
  • The NEET OMR sheet contains three sections- Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Biology is divided into Botany and Zoology.
  • Each section contains 45 answer rows of four options each (A, B, C and D).
  • The questions are numbered 1-180, and each section contains 45 questions.
  • A cross, drawn lines, tick, half-shades or a dot within the oval is considered as a wrong mark.
  • The correct mark is a fully shaded oval.
  • Signature should not cross the designated boxes.
  • Shading off names and roll numbers must be filled properly.
  • You cannot use more than one oval for a question. Once a mistake is made, it cannot be corrected.
  • Ballpoint pens for the OMR answer sheet will be provided at the Centre.
  • The use of pencil is not allowed.

OMR sheet download

OMR sheet download requires the student appearing for the exam to login to the official website of that test with the distinct login ID and the set password. Downloading the sample of OMR sheet is important for doing practice sessions to be familiar to sheet shading before giving the exam.

  • The organizations or institutions display a downloadable format of the OMR sheet on their official website for each examination conducted.
  • Generally, the institution uploads the latest version of the sheets for the current examination, session or year.
  • These formats are provided to the candidates so that they can be familiar in using the sheets.
  • You can download the links from the websites as hyperlinks or push buttons.
  • One can only access these downloads through a login ID and password. You can download the format before the deadline.
  • The institutions use different formats for user IDs. It may be name, roll number, email ID, student ID, registration number, batch number, a combination of name, roll number with year, etc.

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Images of OMR Sheet

You will be able to understand more with the help of the images. Showing a picture of an OMR sheet could clarify things. Let’s have a look at the sample of the OMR sheet.

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OMR Sheet sample image

OMR sheet model

Organizations design their OMR sheet in their way. Therefore, OMR sheet models can be accessible in various structures. Each Exam has its requirements and according to that, the fields are decided in the OMR sheet. Its model is a crucial factor because the indexes which are situated at each corner of the OMR sheet are scanned by the scanner at regular distances. It is demonstrated with the goal that it is scanned by the software properly. Therefore, it is the best way to take the exams in which the multiple type questions has to come.

The 5 Patterns Of Extraordinary Careers PDF Free Download

So, this was all about OMR sheets. We hope that this information will help you to get a better understanding of OMR sheets.

The 5 Patterns Of Extraordinary Careers PDF Free Download 64 Bit

Can we use whitener in OMR sheet?

The 5 Patterns Of Extraordinary Careers PDF Free Download Windows 10

In the event that the candidates are doing practice, he can use whitener in OMR sheet as it is not a big issue to use OMR white while doing the work in OMR. Well most of the places it is discourage by the seniors or the teachers to use whitener in OMR sheet.