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The Creator

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Bia*ch(Overseer Lolph Dundgren)

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The Creator, also known as Zeruel82Mk2 and formerly Zeruel82, is the creator of the Stickworld. He is also by far the strongest being in the Stickworld, having an unparalleled PL and MPL that constantly grows based on his subscriber count. Their immense might is shown when completely obliterating some of the most powerful entities in the entire Stickworld, such as the Dark Serpent, with little to no effort. As the Creator, they presumably have access to every know magic technique. The only being capable of threatening the Creator would be The One, who has access to the devastating Telekinesis ability - the one thing he is vulnerable to, due to his vital organs and lack of extreme regenerative properties that stickmen have. he now refers himself as 'the bad guy'. this is forseen in the trailer for the stickworld last chance, realesing on nov 26.

The Creator is also the oldest known being in the Stickworld - with the exception of The One, who was born after the Creator, all beings from the first Stickworld were either killed or erased from existence.

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Not much is known about what happened before the events of The One Origins, but it is obvious that the Creator was the one to create the first Stickworld. At this time, they were known as Zeruel82.

The One's Origins: Part 1 - A Stickworld Story[]

The Creator is shown shortly after creating Stickfigure 134 and introduces himself as Zeruel82, telling Stickfigure 134 to go off and do whatever he wishes. Later, in a flashback, Stickfigure 141 thinks back to his first living moments being greeted by Zeruel82 as he thinks of a name for 134 and 96's new son. This leads to his decision to name their son Zeruel - the individual who would later become The One.

The One's Origins: Part 2 - The One Rises[]

Although they are not seen or heard from in this episode, they are mentioned during school, where Zeruel and their classmates learn about the history of their world. The Creator is mentioned to have left exactly one year after the creation of The Stickworld, leaving the Stickworld defenseless against any threats. One such threat emerged, in the form of The One - having been alienated from society and having witnessed the murder of their parents, they went on a brutal rampage, destroying everything and everyone after absorbing the souls of those they killed to grow in power. With the entire world destroyed and with everyone killed, Zeruel82 was forced to start over again.

A New Beginning[]

Sometime after the first Stickworld was destroyed by The One, he created a new Stickworld under a new name, Zeruel82Mk2. After creating the second Stickworld, he also created a bunch of new stickmen to go along with it.

The Cliff 0 - Genesis[]

A long time after the second Stickworld was created, The One awakened and started destroying The Stickworld. The Creator couldn't do anything about it, as he had no power over him (The One was not created by him).

Shortly after The One's attack[]

Tyler The Creator Converse

The Creator had no choice but to destroy the Stickworld himself. Before he did so, he put the rest of the stickmen to sleep and took them far away from the planet - including Lolph, Rolph and Dolph Dundgren, who were merely regular stickmen at the time. With emptiness surrounding him and nothing for him to feed on, The One slowly lost his powers and faded away.


After The One faded away, The Creator proceeded to make a bigger and better Stickworld, along with a bunch of new stickmen. He also started releasing the stickmen from the second Stickworld. The Creator made a bunch of creatures and unique beings, such the 4 Serpents. They were made powerful, but not to the extent that they would pose a threat to the Stickworld. However, this ended up backfiring, as the serpents managed to grow tremendously in power over time - One of the serpents, the Dark Serpent, even grew strong enough to briefly hold their own against the Creator.

Origin of The First Overseer[]

The Creator chose a stickman to become the First Overseer. He was also tasked to watch over the Stickworld. The First Overseer was unable to handle the power and went mad, tried to kill everyone. The Creator took away his powers, allowing the survivors to exact their revenge - killing the First Overseer and sealing their soul in a prison.

Meeting Rolph Dundgren[]

The Creator then met a young stickman named Rolph who was mourning the loss of his wife - a former inhabitant of the second Stickworld who was killed by The One. Seeing potential in Rolph, the Creator chose him to become the Second Overseer. In order to prevent an incident like The First Overseer, the Creator confined Rolph to a heavenly realm and told them that they were not allowed to leave unless the very Stickworld itself was in danger. They also informed them that their memory would be erased, along with that of their sons. The Creator managed to successfully erase Rolph and Lolph's memories, but Dolph used a memory preserve spell at the last second, causing the memory wipe to fail. Remembering how their father left them, Dolph grew angry and desired revenge - this would cause them to begin studying magic, and eventually lead to them becoming the Dark Magician.

No significant mentions of the Creator were made during most of The Cliff Series.

The Cliff 4.8 - Lolph's Final Training[]

The Creator does not make a speaking appearance in this episode, but is mentioned when Rolph demands to speak to him after he realizes that Lolph is his son and might be in danger.

The Cliff 4.9[]

The Creator arrives after Rolph demands to talk with him. Rolph asks to exit the heavenly realm so that he can help Lolph, but The Creator refuses, stating that his memory recovery was unfortunate and that he will only be allowed to leave if the Stickworld were in danger. Rolph states that someone may be trying to bring The One back, but The Creator refuses, stating that battling The One without telekinesis immunity would be unwise. Rolph states that if The One were revived, he would greatly outpower Lolph, but his power level would be close to The One, meaning that his telekinesis would have less effect and that he could win. The Creator allows him to leave on two conditions; if The One is resurrected AND Lolph can't defeat him, only then will he be allowed to fight The One.

The Cliff 5 - The Ultimate Showdown[]

The Creator appears at the start holding 2 stickmen in his hand. One of them jump kicks him but the screen fades to the cliff shortly after. After countless deaths of stickmen, the death of Rolph, and the destruction of The One, a grievously injured Overseer Lolph got to talk with the Creator. The Creator explains all that happened, then he reveals his name, Zeruel82Mk2. Lolph comments on his name, then he just calls him 'Biatch'. Hereafter, Lolph simply referred to him as 'Creator'.

Sometime between The Cliff 5 and The Stickworld Part 1[]

In every episode of The Stickworld up until episode 9, the Creator and Overseer Lolph have short conversations. The Creator explains that Rolph and Dolph were his father and brother, mentions the Book of Souls, and allows Lolph to take on an apprentice, Mike.

The Stickworld Part 8.5 - Lolph meets The Creator[]

The Creator made his first full appearance in The Stickworld 8.5. He showed Lolph a hidden portal that allows him to access intergalactic travel, which means they can reach Earth, and the two talked for a while - The Creator expressed his trust for Lolph after their victory over the First Overseer, and stated that if they continued to do well, they would be granted the freedom to go where they wished. Before Lolph left, The Creator gave him the ability to feel the presence of any being that could be a threat to the Stickworld without him knowing. His power level, (which was dependent on how many youtube subscribers he had) and magic power level (12) were shown, as well as him fighting a few magicians, including the first Shadow Magician. Although the Creator effortlessly defeated all of their opponents, the Shadow Magician telepathically relayed information on how to open the portal to the Creator's realm to his siblings - an event that would almost lead to the Creator's death in The Cliff 6.

The Stickworld Part 12.5 - Overseer Lolph VS The Creator[]

The Creator made his second full appearance here. Lolph discovered his new ability after detecting the presence of the Elder Serpent, and visited The Creator to ask about it. He then challenges Lolph to a battle to release some of the former's frustration at not being allowed to leave the heavenly realm. He easily beats Lolph and presumably gives him a full heal before he returns to The Stickworld to confront The Elder Serpent.

The Stickworld Part 15 - The Dark Serpent[]

The Creator makes his third full appearance here. Lolph, easily overwhelmed by the power of the Dark Serpent, lures it into the portal by taunting it and sends it to The Creator. The Creator was then forced to fight it and defeated it rather quickly. He then closed/removed the portal, presumably in anger against Lolph or concern for his own well being. It is possible that he foresaw the events of The Cliff 6: Part 2/2 - Overseer Lolph VS The One and attempted to protect himself from The One.

The Cliff 6 Part 1/2 - The One Strikes Back[]

The Creator is seen at the beginning, holding the Stickworld with his hands as the camera zooms in on the area where the inevitable battle will take place.

The Cliff 6 Part 2/2 - Overseer Lolph Vs The One[]

The Creator is shown sitting down, when The One appears from the portal and attacks him with his telekinesis. The Creator is shown attempting to retaliate multiple times but failing. He even attempts to use his shield and time spell to no avail. He manages to lift his arm up and fire a blast at The One - the attack deals large damage, but only causes the demon to use both arms to further intensify his attack. He stops trying to retaliate entirely, anticipating the end, but is saved at the last second by Lolph, who skewers The One with the Black Trident. The One attempts to finish Lolph off, but this gives the Creator time to retaliate, as both they and Lolph barrage The One with magic attacks from both sides and kill The One once again. Later, The Creator thanks Lolph for saving his life, and witnesses him revive Mike using the soul stone device. Lolph is saddened due to losing his only chance at getting his family back, but The Creator retorts saying that there are more soul stones, and grants Lolph his freedom to go search for them, as he has finally done the right thing for once. Later, in a post credits scene, The Creator is shown explaining to Lolph his inability to take care of The Stickworld for the moment, then he opens up the portal and gives Lolph 'something' to help him watch over The Stickworld. This is most likely the Black Trident, as Lolph is seen using it in The Stickworld part 19.

The Stickworld Part 18 - Lolph VS The Ice Spirits[]

The Creator is seen in their bed, recovering from their encounter with The One. They speak with the Chrono Magician, requesting that they find out why The One continues to mindlessly destroy everything. After the Chrono Magician accepts the Creator's request and teleports away, the Creator thanks her, wishing them good luck before closing their eyes.

The Creator's Code PDF Free Download

The Stickworld Part 21 - The Dark Devourer[]

The Creator is mentioned by the Chrono Magician about how The One must see him as evil and when she says that she must inform him before she got possessed.

The Stickworld Part 22 - The Dark Devourer Part 2[]

The Creator is in bed when the Chrono Magician appears. He asks her is she found anything in the past and she shows him what she found. He realises it’s all his fault and knows what he must do. When asked about what the doctor said he replies saying that the doctor said he won’t recover and he has 3-6 months. He lets the Chrono Magician go back to the Stickworld to do what she wants

The Cliff 7 Part 1 - One Last Chance[]

The Creator is in bed supposedly sleeping when the Chrono Magician is in his room and she goes right up to him and calls “Creator?”

Powers and Abilities[]

MPL 14: The Creator's magic is extremely powerful and unrivaled, being able to take down almost half of Overseer Lolph's health in one attack. His magic gets even more powerful when fighting at full power, being able to rip chunks off of the presumably indestructible tail of the Dark Serpent. He can generate magic from either his hands or from the air via Magic Control. So if his magic power level is 14 his full power will become 15.

Light Energy Blast: Similar to the Dark Energy Blast in every single way, except with Light magic. It was shown in his short battle with the Dark Serpent after he blew off a chunk of the presumably indestructible tail - they also used this attack to engage in a beam lock with the Dark Serpent's own Dark Energy Blast, but they quickly overpowered the Dark Serpent and destroyed it.

Laser: The Creator is also shown to have a laser attack, seen in their first appearance to kill the first Shadow Magician in a single hit. A more powerful magic-based version of this laser was shown in his battle against Lolph. When fighting at full power, he is able to generate an even more powerful version of this attack from both of his hands, shown in his battle against the Dark Serpent, completely destroying the entire body on contact.

Shield-Breaker: The Creator is also shown to have a shield-breaker, but it is unknown how powerful it is, due to it only being used once and not actually hitting its intended target.

Time Freeze: The Creator is also shown to have a time freezing ability similar to a Time Magician's, although extremely buffed due to his higher magic power level.

Curve-Shot: The Creator has the ability to fire curve-shots, whose curve angles can be altered by the user at will.

Magic Control: The Creator is shown to have magic control, being able to make even Lolph's attacks disappear, and generate his own very quickly.

Shield Generation: The Creator can also generate a shield similar to Mike's, which absorbs 1 hit before disappearing. His shield is comparable to the one that the Ultimate Stickbot uses, seeing as both shields can almost completely nullify Lolph's Meteor Burst.

Full Heal: The Creator presumably has the ability to Full Heal a target, seeing as Lolph came out of their battle almost dead, and later had full health upon confronting the Elder Serpent.

Creator Powers: The Creator has the ability to create, and presumably delete beings through their souls, as well as change everything about them, except stats. The One is immune to this ability, as he is not one of The Creator's creations.

Power Bestowal: Can give any stickmen incredible power, this is seen multiple times as the Creator gives Gabriel father and Rolph incredible powers to watch over the Stickworld.

Portal Control: Can control a special portal leading to his house.

Full Power: The Creator has only fought on full power twice, against the Dark Serpent and The One. When fighting at full power, his magic grows in size and gets more powerful and unstable-looking, similar to what happened to the First Overseer after his shield was broken. All of his other abilities become buffed as well, seeing that he was able to kill the Dark Serpent in only 3 attacks.


  • His power level is based on the channel's subscribers. (As of now, Zeruel has 137,000 subscribers! [Note for updating this: Update it every time Zeruel's sub count goes up by 1000.])
    • It was confirmed by Zeruel that The Creator's Magic Power Level would reach 13 once he reached 100,000 subscribers, meaning The Creator will have a power level of 100,000 but at the end of The Cliff 6 Part 2/2, the creator is shown to have Magic Power Level of 13 despite not reaching 100,000 subscribers.
      • Confirmed by Zeruel, he stated that the PL of the Creator is currently at 130,000. In the Cliff 6, The One has a maximum of 75,000, meaning that a PL of 150,000 would be need for the Creator to become immune to the telekinesis.
        • It is unknown when The Creator will reach MPL 14, but it will likely be around 150,000 as well.
  • He seems to have access to any magic ability and is able to grant abilities as well.
  • The Creator is able to presumably delete any of his creations at will.
  • It has been said in The Cliff 6 that The Creator, and all other carbon based life forms, are especially vulnerable to telekinesis.
    • Normally, any entity with a higher power level than the opponent using Telekinesis wouldn't be affected.
      • Zeruel confirmed that without telekinesis immunity, you would need to be twice as powerful as a telekinesis user to beat them.
        • However, carbon based life forms need to be three times stronger than a telekinesis user in order to defeat them.
          • Therefore, in order to be immune to The One's telekinesis at maximum power, the Creator would need a minimum PL of 255000, almost double that of their current PL.
      • It is unlikely that The Creator has levitation or other flight techniques, given that it would require an extreme amount of editing to make it look like he's flying.
        • Superspeed and Hyperspeed are also ruled out, as it is possible for magicians to use them to walk very quickly without flying, but even this would be hard to replicate while animating the Creator.
          • Zeruel said that if The Creator somehow had the ability to levitate, he would have triple the power level he has now.
  • In part 1 through 4, he voices Lolph and his signature word 'Biatch'. They also occasionally voice other various characters throughout the series, such as:
    • Overseer Lolph Dundgren, when saying 'Biatch' (there are some exceptions) and during the introduction of most Stickworld videos. They also voice Lolph when jumpscaring Mike in The Stickworld part 18.
    • Stickman with a real voice.
    • Stick Figure 8 (Only heard saying 'Silence!' with an echo.)
    • Mike (Although they don't actually speak, his voice provides the sneezing sound effect for Mike in The Stickworld part 16.)
  • He is Swedish.
  • If The Creator didn't have enough subscribers, then he wouldn't have the sufficient power to fight his creations.
  • The reason why The One is out of his control is simply because The One was born from 134 and 96.
    • Following this logic, that means people like Marcus, Gabriel, Lolph, Dolph, and anyone with confirmed parents is out of his control as well. Other examples include Mr. Sheep, Little Brother, and The Scientist (Big Brother).
      • This leads to some potential plot holes, such as there being no way to explain how he was able to directly erase Lolph and Rolph's memories. However, with the introduction of the Mind Magician, it is likely that the Creator has access to the mind-altering magic abilities as well, and simply used a more powerful version that permanently erased the two's memories.
      • This could also explain why they were unable to prevent Dolph from reviving The One.
      • If The Creator is unable to control stick figures created directly by him, they will likely lack the ability to control any inhabitants of the Stickworld a few generations down the line.
  • The Creator and Zeruel82Mk2 himself are not the same person, as The Creator is only a role played by Zeruel. However, the difference between the two is so little that they can still be considered the same regardless.
  • Zeruel has confirmed that The Creator has the Full Heal ability, but if he tried to use it on himself, it would have no effect as Full Heal is meant for healing 2-dimensional beings.
  • On April 23, 2021, his YouTube channel was hacked and all of his videos went private. His YouTube channel's name was changed to “Cardano ADA” and many other things were either deleted or changed. There was a stream which started quickly when the account was hacked. After a few hours, his account got deleted. The following day, on Patreon, Zeruel82Mk2 said that he got notified about this incident so he send a message to the YouTube team and that he had to wait for a few weeks until the YouTube team could respond.
  • Despite the channel's name being changed to 'Cardano ADA' during the hack, it is extremely unlikely that the Cardano Foundation itself was responsible for the hack. The most likely culprit is an unknown scammer/group of scammers who took over the channel in an attempt to scam people / mine for cryptocurrency.
  • On April 27, 2021, Zeruel82Mk2 got their channel back, uploading a video explaining the details of the incident. Luckily, none of their content was permanently lost and their subscriber count remained mostly stagnant - however, the release schedule of their videos was pushed back a week.
  • An 'evil gnome' is occasionally seen in the Creator's room, possessing a PL of over 9000.

The Creator's Code PDF Free Download


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  • The Stickworld Part 8.5 - Lolph meets The Creator

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