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ESL Mystery Game: Mystery at Mr. Grim’s Mansion

Strengths: Entertaining, speaking practice

Finding a monologue for Drama class Play Author Age Style Length The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain 8 -14 Classical 2 3 min. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Open Textbooks for Hong Kong. Murder in the classroom: Teacher’s notes Skills: Reading, speaking, listening Grammar: Past tenses, past continuous action interrupted by a past simple action. Level: Pre-intermediate + Age group: Teens/young adults Materials: Character cards, worksheet Time: +/- 50 minutes Procedure: Step one: Explain to the class that you are going to play a murder mystery game.

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ESL Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Class Time: 1-2 hours

Foreword: Planning a murder mystery for your ESL class takes time. Since each student will have a specific role, there is no murder mystery game you can download and prepare 5 minutes before class begins. You’ll need to do some serious preparation.

I have done two murder mystery activities with my advanced Junior High ESL class. This was the first one, which I highly recommend:

I found it on OneStopEnglish, which requires a membership (you may be able to find it elsewhere). The plot was slightly complex, but my students were able to figure most of it out.

My Mystery: “Mystery at Mr. Grim’s Mansion”

The mystery I designed is more complicated and requires more preparation. Honestly, I would do the above one first if you haven’t already. I only created this because I could not find any other activities online. It’s pretty complicated – maybe too complicated. But if you want to look at my mystery for inspiration, it is below in its entirety.

Mystery Basic Idea:

The twist in this story is that it is not a murder mystery; rather, it is just a mystery. The students are told that a Mr. Grim has died, and they must figure out how he died. Naturally, they assume he has been killed (later, in the end, they discover that he had a heart attack after coming across a lost cobra in his house).

The first part of the activity has them question each other in order to get background character information, possible weapons, and motives. The second part requires students to ask each other what rooms they were in (a map is provided) before and after the murder.

The story contains elements of the game Clue (or Cluedo).

Mystery Execution:

1) Assign Character Roles

Distribute character cards + props (wigs, hats, etc) in the hall. Here are the mystery character cards (11 possible roles):

Name: Wally
1) You are a good friend of Mr. Grim’s son, Todd Grim. You often travel together. You are at the mansion because you want to invite Mr. Grim’s son to go hunting with you next month in Africa.
2) Items: a cobra— you brought it to give to Todd as a present. The snake has no poison. You also have your hunting knife in your bag.
8:00 pm: you lost the snake, so you were looking for the snake in the billiard room
Name: Dr. Watkins
1) You are Mr. Grim’s doctor. You came to the party because are very worried about his health. Mr. Grim has a very bad heart. You were worried that he might have a heart attack.
2) Items: You have medicine in your bag.
8:00 pm: [take 8:00 room card]
Name: Morgan Franklin
1) You are Mr. Grim’s business partner. Secretly, you hate him. You wish he were dead so you could control the company.
2) Items: your computer and knife for opening envelopes.
8:00 pm: you were still at work. You didn’t arrive at the party until 8:30 pm.
Name: Randy
1) You are Mr. Grim’s gardener. You are at the mansion because you work and live there. You hate Mr. Grim because he’s cheap. He’s been paying you the same amount of money since 1960.
2) Items: a chainsaw, bottle of vodka
8:00 pm: [take 8:00 room card]
Name: Todd Grim
1) You are Mr. Grim’s son. You are a traveler. You have traveled the world. You recently just came back from a trip to Japan. You are at the mansion because you live there. Your friend named Wally is also visiting the mansion.
2) Items: wasabi, samurai sword
8:00 pm: [take 8:00 room card]
Name: Mercedes Grim
1) You are Mr. Grim’s 17-year old daughter. You are rich. You hate your dad because he doesn’t let you do what you want to do. You wanted to go to Paris this summer, but he told you that you had to stay home and study.
2) Items: mirror, lipstick, Justin Beiber CD
8:00 pm: [take 8:00 room card]
Name: Takeshi Fujimoto
1) You are Mr. and Mrs. Grim’s personal fitness trainer. You are in very good shape. You have a black belt in karate. You came to the mansion because Mrs. Grim’s wife (Wanda) invited you. Secretly, you have been in a romantic relationship Wanda for a year, but Mr. Grim doesn’t know.
2) Items: energy drink, jump rope, comic book
8:00 pm: [take 8:00 room card]
Name: Wanda Grim
1) You are Mr. Grim’s wife. You are rich, but you are not happy with Mr. Grim. He’s boring, and you’re bored. Secretly, you are in a romantic relationship with your fitness trainer, Takeshi Fujimoto. You like the excitement of having a secret lover.
2) Items: mobile phone, a book about yoga
8:00 pm: [take 8:00 room card]
Name: Crabby Kuramoto
1) You are Mr. Grim’s neighbour. You have been living beside the Grim family for 60 years. You hate them, especially the daughter who always plays loud music at night. You wish they would leave the town so you could live peacefully.
2) Items: peanuts, tissues, small carrot
8:00 pm: [take 8:00 room card]
Name: Badger
1) You are the town drunk. You live on the street. You weren’t invited to the mansion, but you came because you wanted to drink Mr. Grim’s liquor for free. The Grim family is also very rich, so you might try to steal some things.
2) Items: an empty bottle, chicken wing, dead fly
8:00 pm: in the kitchen, stealing alcohol
Name: Kelly Kikukoko
1) You are Mr. Grim’s friend. You have been friends with him since high school. You have been very sad and lonely recently because your [wife/husband] left you. Your heart is broken. Sadly, you thinking about ending your life.
2) Items: old photograph, a gun
8:00 pm: [take 8:00 room card]

The necessary characters are: Wally (the cobra-bringer), Dr. Watkins (the doctor who tells of Mr. Grim’s heart condition), and Todd Grim (the son who was meant to receive the cobra). The rest are optional. Some pairs (e.g. the lovers Wanda Grim and Takeshi Fujimoto) go together.

2) Introduce the setting:

Announce: “You were invited to stay at Mr. Grim’s large mansion for the weekend. Many other guests were invited too.

It is now Saturday at 9 pm. Suddenly, the butler, Barton, calls all of you to the living room.”

3) Announcement
(Put on your fake mustache.) “I am the butler. Mr. Grim is dead. I don’t know how he died. But I think one of your killed him!
No one is leaving here until we find out who it was! You are all suspects. If you can’t find out how he died, then I’ll call the police and you are all going to jail! You all knew him someway. Interview each other and find out your names, jobs, what you brought to the party, and how your relationship was with Mr. Grim.”


4) Interview

Guests interview each other to get character information. Give them the below sheet so they can write down information about the characters. They only need to fill in the first three columns. The other two columns about time are for later. Each character has the answers to these questions on their character cards (name, and #1 and #2 on the character card). It’s important that all the information on the character cards is relayed.

8:30 pm

5) Distribute map to each guest (to be used later)

(This map was adapted from a Cluedo map I found online)

6) Announcement by the butler

“I found the body at 8:15 pm. This was after dinner.”

Step 5a: Distribute room cards to each guest.

These are the “cards” below. Cut them up and put them in an envelope (separating the 8 pm and 8:30 ones). Students who have “Take room card” on their character card should take a room card for the appropriate time.

billiard room
powder closet
dining room

This will decide what room they were in before and after the death of Mr. Grim. It does not matter what room each person gets (although the guests don’t know this). Unless their character card indicates what they were doing at that time, the students can invent whatever reason they want for why they were in that room.

Step 5b: Guests: “Find out where everyone was before and after this time. Ask them what they were doing. Write your answers in the last two columns of the interview sheet.”

Step 6: Announcement

“The body was found in the study. There was no blood anywhere or on the body. Please think about it. That is all the information I have. Discuss in groups. If you think you know what happened, please come see me.”

(Looking at the map, they’ll be able to see that no one was in the study during the night. However, they should be able to notice that Wally found his snake in the adjoining room at 8:30. And the fact that there was no blood on the scene should eliminate most of the items carried by the guests as the death weapon.

Students will likely accuse Dr. Watkins, since he had medicine. If they do, remind them that Dr. Watkins was only there to take care of Mr. Grim (who has a weak heart condition). Once they remember Mr. Grim’s heart, the students should be able to put together how he died: he came across the cobra in the study between 8 and 8:30 and had a heart attack. )

Mystery Activity Notes

  • As you can see, this is very (overly?) complicated. I’d advise making your own mystery if you are so motivated.
  • If you use this activity, make sure you don’t call it a ‘murder mystery’, since there is in fact no murder.
  • Make sure the important students are relaying the important parts of their character information. Some of it is essential for the plot to unfold.

My students enjoyed the activity. They figured out the ending with a little help from me (I had to say “No, It was not the doctor. But, why was the doctor there??) After teasing this out, one student suggested the correct solution. Some of the boys were let down because no one was murderedin the end, but overall, it was a good activity. It kept the students communicating and entertained for two 45-minute classes.

All the above materials (maps and worksheets) are available here for download: ESL-Mystery.doc


– Matthew Barton / (copyright)

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