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The Value of Debt in Building Wealth reveals a path to balance and financial security through optimizing your resources. Read more Read less ©2017 Thomas J. Tom Anderson: The Value of Debt In Building Wealth (11:48) Tom Anderson: The Value of Debt Through the Phases of Life (22:58) Big Al’s List: 6 Common Myths that can mess up your Retirement (31:19) Big Al’s List: 6 Common Myths that can mess up your Retirement (continued) (40:56) Email Questions: I’m 74 years old and retired. Steps to Financial Success. Author: Phumelele Ndumo. Publisher: Jacana Media ISBN: Category: Business & Economics Page: 219 View: 242. Building Wealth One House at a Time: Making it Big on Little Deals. Author John Schaub; 2004-12-31; Author: John Schaub. Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional ISBN: 493 Category: Business & Economics Page: 272 View: 312 Download Now.

About the Author xi


Acknowledgments xiii

You are in the Right Place xv

How to Use This Book xvii

Introduction xix

My Story xv

Part I The Start 1

Your What and Your Why 3

Chapter 1 Your Mindset 9

Let Go of Your Money Mistakes 11

Dream Big – Affirm Yourself to Being Wealthy 17

Shift Your Circle of Influence 22

Meet Latoya Scott 25

Chapter 2 Get Organized 29

Get Your Records in Order 31

Track Your Spending 37

Identify Your Bad Money Habits 42

Know Your Net Worth 47

Define Your Values 51

Set Your Goals 53

Building Wealth After 50

Meet Molly Stillman 55

Part II The Plan 59

Chapter 3 Budgeting 61

Budgeting 101 – The Basics 63

Setting Up Your Budget Using Categories 65

Budgeting Styles 68

Rewarding Yourself 72

Budgeting on an Inconsistent Income 77

Budgeting as a Couple 78

The Save Yourself Fund – Your Emergency Savings 84

My Story: How I Saved over $100,000 in Three Years 87

Chapter 4 Debt and Loans 93

Let’s Talk About Debt . . . Because It Sucks 95

Paying Off Your Debt 98

Student Loans . . . Facts and Basics 104

Meet Melisa Boutin 105

Where to Start with Your Student Loans 107

Ideas to Pay Off Your Debt Fast 112

Meet Naseema McElroy 117

Cashback and Rewards Credit Cards 119

Meet Monica Louie 121

Chapter 5 Investing 127

Investing 101 129

Meet Adeola Omole 136

Investing for Retirement 139

How to Start Investing 146

Meet Brittney Knies 149

Part III The Necessary 151

Chapter 6 Credit 153

Credit 101 155

Credit Scores 157

Busting Credit Myths 162

Chapter 7 Protecting Yourself 165

Creating a Backup Plan with the Right Insurance 167

Recession-Proofing Your Finances 174

Compromised Information 177

Chapter 8 Making More Money 181

Negotiating to Win 183

Side Hustles 189

Chapter 9 Key Financial Actions 193

Steps to Keep Your Financial Plans Intact 193

In Closing 197

Index 199

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The Value Of Debt In Building Wealth PDF Free Download Books

The Value Of Debt In Building Wealth PDF Free Download
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