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Artist management contracts are used by an artist manager, or other authorized representative, that intends to manage, or help, an artist’s career. Some of the artist management contracts in this section are used by a manager to contract with third parties in furtherance of the artist's career. Our live performance and recording artist manager contracts are written by an experienced entertainment lawyer to ensure relevance, accuracy, and the utmost confidence for our customers. You can find out more about live performance and recording artist management contracts, as well as the business of artist management, by visiting our Blog.

The contracts contained in this package are used by a personal manager to contract with artists to act as the artist's personal manager. The package also contains contracts that a personal manager might use to contract with other parties who will help the artist in the artist's career. All of these contracts can be purchased individually on this site.

An Artist Business Manager Agreement is used by a business manager when contracting with an artist.

An Artist Management Agreement is used by a personal manager to contract with a recording and performing musical artist to set the terms for managing the artist's career. The manager receives a percentage of all the income generated by the artist for the management services provided.

Business plan –Project E ©XXXX - Private and Confidential Section Page Disclaimer 2 Executive Summary 4 Market Research 7 Business Model 18 Marketing Plan 30 Financial Projections 37 Management Team 43 Use of Proceeds 46 4 Executive Summary. Download the full 25+ page.PDF about the music industry Different members of the ‘The Core’ have different jobs, but they all come together to build the career of artists. For the manager, it’s their job to shield the artist from the outside world, to take care of all business affairs in their domain, and to find and involve other people.


An Artist Management Agreement (with Master Rights) is used by a personal artist to contract with a recording and performing musical artist to manage the artist's career. This contract also provides a manager with rights and higher profits on the sale of recordings released during the contract period before an artist signs a record deal if the manager financially assists the artist in the production of the artist's recordings.

A Demo Recording Shopping Agreement is used by a representative that will shop or pitch a recording artist's demo recordings and promotional package to record labels with the intent of getting a record deal for the artist.

A Letter Of Direction is used when one party to a contract wishes to notify the other party to a contract to direct payment to another person.

A Live Performance Agreement is used when a performing artist agrees to perform live at a venue.

A Music Video Production Services Agreement is a contract between a record label or an artist that is hiring a person to provide services in some aspect of the production of the video.

A Parental Consent and Guarantee is a document that is used when a minor (under the age of 18) is being signed to a contract and the contracting party wants a parent or guardian to provide both a consent for the minor to enter into the contract and an agreement to be liable for the performance of the contract.

A Producer And Artist Production Agreement is used when a producer enters into a contract with an artist to produce one or more of the artist's recordings. This agreement works whether the artist will own and release the recordings or if the artist is signed to a record label.

A Producer And Artist Development Agreement is used when an artist and a producer agree for the producer to provide services as a record producer for the artist on a speculative basis.

A Producer Management Agreement is used by a personal manager to contract with a music producer to set the terms for managing the producer's career.

A Release Agreement is a contract used when a publisher and songwriter agree to release each other from the obligations under a contract previously signed by both parties.

A Song Plugger Agreement is used by a person who will shop a songwriter's songs to record labels, publishing companies, producers and artists or other third party users of songs.

A Songwriter Split Sheet is a simple contract used when a two or more songwriters co-write a song and the songwriters want to acknowledge the co-ownership and list the percentages of ownership.

100’s of the most important systems, plans, templates, & guides you need to start & run a successfully organized artist management business.

“I’ve done management for over 15 years and I don’t know how I made it this long without something like this. I had a short 4-5 yr partnership with Scooter Braun (Bieber’s/Kanye’s manager) and now I’m back on my own and for the first time since I was 19 I’m without an assistant andI SUCK at spreadsheets and all things administrative! […] wanted you to know how excited I am to have found your site.”

This Startup kit will help you get started as a manager, with a new artist, and plan out your new business.

Starting a Management Company Guide

A 25-page PDF demonstrating how to become a manager, how to sign artists, good and bad characteristics of managers, qualities to look for in artists, and more.

Artist Management Agreement

An example of a legally binding artist management contract.

Contact Directory Template

A spreadsheet for you to start collecting contacts of industry people.

Music Business Plan Template

The ultimate business plan worksheet for your music business – the true value of a business plan is the work that goes into creating it.

Artist On-Boarding Checklist

A 2-page checklist of everything you need to collect from an artist when you start working with them.

From crafting emails to book a tour, to planning the tour production, budget, and itineraries – this kit has everything you need to manage your shows.

Show Booking Email Template

How to write an email to book your band on a show! 5 things to keep in mind before hand, writing the subject line, and what NOT to do!

Booking Advance Sheet

All the information you need for your show including schedule, venue, merch info, contacts, guest list, payment details and more.

Tour Booking Guide

A 6-page guide explaining when you should go on tour, how to get gigs, exact steps on how to book your tour, promote your tour, and what to do while on tour!

Merchandise Revenue Tracker

Keep track of your monthly and yearly merchandise inventory sales with this spreadsheet.

Personnel Doc

Keep a copy of this sheet for every person in the band and crew that will be on tour.

Run Sheet Template

Used by stage managers or live music directors, this sheet helps to run the show from start to finish.

Stage Plots & Input List Guide

Things to include in your stage plot and input list – managers take note!

Tour Itinerary Template

Every tour needs an itinerary – it’s probably the most important part for staying organized and on-time.

Asset Inventory Template

A spreadsheet to keep track of all your instruments and technology!

Email Sign Up Sheet

Print this off to use at your shows to collect emails! Trust us, collecting emails is a MUST.

DIY Tour Management Guide

Merch Sales Register

Print this out and bring it to your next show to keep track of inventory and sales per show.

Promoter Agreement

An example of an agreement between a performer and promoter.

Set List Creating Guide

A short guide on how to craft an amazing set list for your show.

Tour Budget

Use this excel sheet to budget your tour ahead of time! Broken down by all potential revenue streams, expense streams, and show dates.

Tour Reference Notes

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Use this form to keep track of important information after each show so that you can refer back to it the next time you’re about to book a show in that location.

I wondered whether it would have useful, easy-to-understand information, but it delivered on it’s promises! I would recommend this to anyone interested in the music business.

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Understand the recording process, budget for, organize, and distribute your recordings like the record labels do.

Album Budget Template

All the most common expenses you may incur in the process of creating and marketing an album.

Co-Writer Split Sheet

A table to keep track of the writers on a track – can also be used as an agreement between the writers.

ISRC & UPC Code Guide

All music releases need ISRC and/or UPC codes – this guide explains what they are and how to get them.

Lyric Sheet Template

Producer Agreement

2 examples of legally binding producer agreements!

Song Master Metadata Sheet

Most song registration organizations (the ones that pay you your royalties) need the metadata from your songs – keep track of them with this spreadsheet!

Shipping Cost Matrix Sheet

When you’re shipping out physical product, it’s important to understand how much that is going to cost you – use this spreadsheet to keep track – so that you can add it into your pricing (especially for crowdfunding projects)!


Ever heard of the term ‘CCD’ or ‘CANCON’ or ‘MAPL’? This guide explains what rules the Canadian government has put into place to help Canadians get more content on the airwaves and television broadcasts.

Distribution Guide

A 3-page guide on what music distribution is, what distributors do, and ‘digital’ distribution vs. physical distribution.

Label Copy Template

All record labels keep a ‘label copy’ document of each recording – use this template to keep track of your recordings like the labels do.

New Release Checklist

A 2-page checklist of everything you need to do when releasing music – from the artwork to the song registrations and much more.

Publishing Admin Agreement

An example of an agreement between an artist and a publisher – where the publisher is the administrator.

SoundScan Guide

SoundScan is the biggest tracking system that keeps track of music sales – where Billboard and other music charts get their stats from – this guide explains further, as well as how to register.

The Artist Cycle

A diagram and understanding of the artist album cycle from writing to releasing to touring.

A couple of months back I purchased the Toolkit that basically cuts a majority of work for me.

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From planning your release, to getting on the radio, to streaming playlist pitching, to social media marketing – these guides will have you marketing like a pro from the start.

Album Release Plan Timeline

There is no “one-way” to release an album – but for your first time we’ve broken down a suggested timeline over a span of the whole production period to the release date.

Album Marketing Plan Template

Use this professional marketing plan template when you are presenting your marketing plan to other industry professionals.

DIY Commercial Radio Promotion Guide

An intensive guide that explains exactly how to get your music on commercial radio.

DIY College Radio Promotion Guide

An intensive guide that explains exactly how to get your music on college radio.

Marketing Forecast Template

A spreadsheet of the types of marketing activities you want to be doing on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis – plan out your year ahead!

Radio Formats 101 Guide

A list of all the radio formats in the US and Canada to give you a better understanding of where your songs may fit.

Streaming Playlist Target Sheet

Use this sheet to keep track of the songs you’re promoting to playlists, along with the playlists you want to target, per genre.

Social Media Calendar

8 sheets to strategize your branding, target audience, annual themes, collect ideas, posting calendar, collect hashtags, keep track of links and passwords and more.

Artist Audience Reports

Keep track of your growth! Use this sheet to record artist audience stats weekly from all social media and streaming platforms.

Release Plan Example - Bieber

A detailed breakdown of how Bieber released his Purpose album with highly creative marketing plans.

Release Plan Example - Rihanna

A detailed breakdown of how Rihanna released her ANTI album with highly creative marketing plans.

Marketing Routine Checklist

A checklist of all the marketing tasks you can do on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis – more-so for the management business than for the artist – but can be altered for any purpose.

One Sheet Example

An example of a real one sheet – needed for all artists for industry purposes.

Single Release Plan

A project timeline that shows exactly what needs to be completed and when – that can be altered to the next song you’re releasing.

Streaming Promo Report

Use this sheet to keep track of your streaming follower numbers, monthly listeners, cumulative spins, and the locations and playlists you’re discovered on – helps to see growth over time!

I’m always a bit wary of online purchases because the buyer doesn’t have the chance to view the complete materials. But the Toolkit delivered.

The extent of information and laying out items in pre-populated templates is very useful. It helps frame out in my own mind what I need to be cognizant of. I would recommend this to anyone in the music industry who is thinking of getting involved as an artist or managing an artist.

This Business Of Artist Management PDF Free Download

The Toolkit could also be useful to other folks supporting artist management.

– Colombia Entertainment Group

Learn about the various music business revenue streams, where royalties come from and how to register for them. Use our cashflow and budget tracking sheets to manage all your money.

Annual Profit & Loss

A breakdown of all income made and expenses paid over former years until now, to show you how much you’ve profited or lost each year.

Artist Finances Template

Managers, give this to your artists to help them keep track of their income and expenses, including your comission.

Daily Bookkeeping Template

Keep track of every single expense item, income item, the day the transaction was made, and what category of expense it is – to give to your accountant when tax season comes and to be aware of how much money you spend each month.

Invoice Template

A prepared invoice example for you to invoice your team and/or clients.

Monthly Revenue Template

A spreadsheet to record all of your monthly revenue.

Revenue Streams Checklist

A list of over 20 types of revenue streams that you can start working on for your artist.

Service Record Template

Keep track of all the services you provide for each client so that when it comes time to billing them you can prove what you worked on.

This Business Of Artist Management Pdf Free Download Online

Cashflow Tracking Template

A detailed cashflow chart to forecast where your money is coming and going each month – allowing you to prepare for the year ahead.

Grant Funding for Canadians

A list of the funding organizations available all across Canada!

Personal Budget Template

The best possible monthly budget to use for your personal income and expenses!

This Business Of Artist Management PDF Free Download

Personal Net Worth Sheet

After all assets and liabilities are taken into account – how much money are you left with? Your Net Worth is far more important than how much you earn.

Royalties 101 Guide

A 7-page guide where you’ll learn what royalties are, who gets them, where they come from, the different types, and how to collect them!

The most important systems, plans, templates, & guides you need to start & run a successfully organized artist management business.