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Inside this book –Traction PDF Book by Gabriel Weinberg – Consider all the searches that people make, sorted by the number of times that search is made. At the top are one- and two-word searches like “Dishwashers,” “Braves,” and “Facebook.” They make up about 30 percent of all searches. The other 70 percent are longer searches that don’t get searched as much, but in the aggregate add up to the majority of searches made. If you graph all these searches by the number of times they are made, the first 30 percent get clumped at the front and the last 70 percent make up a long tail, because many of those are searched only a few times. These latter searches are called “long-tail” keywords because they make up this long tail. Oppositely, those searches that are searched a lot and clumped at the front are called “fat-head” keywords. A fat-head strategy involves trying to rank for search terms that directly describe your company. For example, a toy company that specializes in wooden toys might try to rank for “wooden toys.” These are all fat-head keywords. On the other hand, a long-tail strategy involves trying to rank for more specific terms with lower search volumes. That same toy company might try to rank for searches in that long tail like “poisonous chemicals in wooden toy blocks” or “wood puzzles for 3 year olds.” Again, even though these searches have lower volumes, in the aggregate they account for the majority of all searches.

Challenger combines and tractors Service Manuals PDF, spare parts catalog, fault codes and wiring diagrams. Traction Motors: Review of characteristics of different types of DC and AC motors used traction and their suitability MODULE-IV (10 HOURS) Rating and heating of electric drives, power loss, Heating and cooling of motors, Classes and duty and selection of motors, Drives for.

  • Full Book Name – Traction
  • Author of this Book – Gabriel Weinberg
  • Language – English
  • Book Genre – Business
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