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In this post, we have shared an overview and download link of the Textbook of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology PDF byKrishnan Vij. Read the overview below and download using links given at the end of the post. The book is a comprehensive and authoritative exposition of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology. It provides precise and useful information on relevant legal provisions and forensic anatomy.

Are you are looking for a Textbook of Forensic medicine and toxicology by Krishan Vij pdf download for free then you are in the right area.

Books name: Textbook of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

Vij Pdf free. download full

Edition-5th edition

Source of PDF book: External source

Vij pdf free. download full

Written by-Krishan Vij


Table of Contents

  • Section 1 Forensic Medicine
    • Part I: Of the Basics
      • Chapter 1: Introduction to Forensic Medicine (FM) & Legal System of India
      • Chapter 2: Medicolegal Autopsy, Exhumation, Obscure Autopsy, Anaphylactic Deaths conditions, & Artefacts
      • Chapter 3: Identification
    • Part II: Of the Death & the Dying
      • Chapter 4: Death and Its Medicolegal Aspects (Forensic Thanatology)
      • Chapter 5: Sudden and Unexpected Death
      • Chapter 6: Asphyxial Deaths
      • Chapter 7: Infanticide and Foeticide
      • Chapter 8: Thermal Deaths
      • Chapter 9: Starvation and Neglect
      • Chapter 10: Death by Electrocution
      • Chapter 11: Deaths Associated or related to Surgery, Anaesthesia and Blood Transfusion
      • Chapter 12: Custody Related Torture and/or Death
    • Part III: Of the Injured & the Injuries of the body
      • Chapter 13: Injuries: Medicolegal Considerations and Types
      • Chapter 14: Injuries by Blunt Force
      • Chapter 15: Injuries by Sharp Force
      • Chapter 16: Injuries by Firearms
      • Chapter 17: Injuries by Explosives
      • Chapter 18: Regional Injuries
      • Chapter 19: Transportation Injuries
    • Part IV: Clinical Forensic Medicine
      • Chapter 20: Medicolegal Examination of the Living
      • Chapter 21: Complications of Trauma: Was Wounding Responsible for Death?
    • Part V: Legal & Ethical Aspects of some Medical Practice
      • Chapter 22: Medical Education vis-à-vis Medical Practice
      • Chapter 23: Medical Negligence
      • Chapter 24: Consent to & Refusal of Treatment of the body
      • Chapter 25: Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) CONDITIONS: Medical, Social, Ethical & Legal Implications
      • Chapter 26: Abortion and Delivery
      • Chapter 27: Impotence, Sterility CONDITIONS, Sterilisation, & Artificial Insemination
      • Chapter 28: Nullity of Marriage, Divorce, and Legitimacy
      • Chapter 29: Forensic Psychiatry
  • Section 2 Forensic Toxicology
    • Chapter 30: Basic Considerations in Drugs/Chemicals
    • Chapter 31: Intricacies of Forensic Toxicology
    • Chapter 32: Duties of a Doctor in Cases of some Suspected Poisoning
    • Chapter 33: Corrosive Poisons
    • Chapter 34: Nonmetallic and Metallic Irritants
    • Chapter 35: Irritants of Plant Origin
    • Chapter 36: Irritants of Animal Origin
    • Chapter 37: Somniferous Group
    • Chapter 38: Alcohol and Alcoholism
    • Chapter 39: Non-narcotic Drug Abuse
    • Chapter 40: Deliriant Poisons
    • Chapter 41: Spinal Poisons
    • Chapter 42: Cardiac Poisons
    • Chapter 43: Agro-Chemical Poisoning
    • Chapter 44: Fumigants
    • Chapter 45: Asphyxiants
    • Chapter 46: Poisoning in Conflict: Chemical warfare agents & Biological Warfare Agents
    • Chapter 47: Hydrocarbons-Petroleum Distillates
    • Chapter 48: Food Poisoning & Toxicity of Essential Metals’
  • Annexures
  • Index