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The quotation template is a document that serves as an overview of what you’ll offer the client or an in-depth highlight of the price of services you provide your clients. Drafting the quotation template should be the first thing you do before doing a transaction with a client. And how well you prepare the quotation temperate determines whether the deal will be a success or not. Because of this, you need to be very cautious when making the quotation template and confirm that all the details, including the competitive prices, are well laid out.

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If you still need further insights on preparing a quotation template, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a guide on everything you need to know when preparing this document.

Computer Service Quotation Template

A computer service quotation template allows a computer service provider to summarize the cost of repairs and maintenance for different customers. They are easy to fill out and allow your clients to compare your prices to other providers.
File Format
  • MS Word

General Quote Template

File Format
  • MS Excel

Homeowners Insurance Quotation Form

A homeowner’s insurance quotation form summarizes the premium amounts and overall insurance costs for a homeowner. Insurance companies can use these forms to help customers understand how their needs affect the cost of coverage.
File Format
  • MS Word

Hotel Quotation Template

This is a fillable document that allows a hotel to summarize the cost of different aspects of its services, such as food, rooms, and room service. It may also highlight the payment terms and available discounts.
File Format
  • MS Word

Hourly Price Quote Template

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When a business decides to charge a client on an hourly rate, they can use an hourly price quote template to create a quotation form. The document highlights the type of service, payment terms, and estimated costs.
File Format
  • MS Excel

Maintenance Quotation Template for Excel

This is a customizable document used to calculate the cost of addressing maintenance services and is specially designed to be compatible with excel documents. It contains columns for aspects such as labor costs, hourly rates, and used supplies.
File Format
  • MS Excel

Medical Quote Template

A medical quote template is a pre-contrived letter format that allows a healthcare facility to summarize aspects of this operation, such as services provided, hours of operation, cost, and payment methods. It becomes an invaluable tool when a patient wishes to compare different providers.
File Format
  • MS Excel

Price Quotation Template

A price quotation template is a customizable document that helps a business highlight the price of its goods or services. Since product prices tend to change, these templates are designed to accommodate all time limits and price fluctuations.
File Format
  • MS Excel

Product Quote Template

File Format
  • MS Word

Sales Quotation Template

A sales quotation template is a pre-contrived letter format that allows a business to create a quotation for the products they offer. Because most businesses don’t offer fixed prices, these templates make for excellent flexibility.

Without Reservations By Alice Steinbach

File Format
  • MS Word

Service Quotation Template

A service quotation template is a fillable document that a business can use to summarize the costs of the different services it offers. These quotes can come in handy when a customer wishes to compare services from different companies.
File Format
  • MS Word

Stock Quote Template

File Format
  • MS Excel

The purpose of the quotation template is to attract new clients, show your professionalism, and meet your consumer and trading needs. It also helps you safeguard your business from financial and legal risks. When drafting it, there are several important details you need to include, and these are;

  • Business Details. Here, you should detail your contact and ABN details, which is a requirement by law.
  • Total Cost. You should do an in-depth explanation of what the job entails and give an overview of the incurred costs. As you do this, you can make a note if necessary of what’s not covered. For instance, the cost might cover labor and parts but not the delivery.
  • Cost Analysis. The quotation template should define the job proposal, and this entails detailing the materials and labor and explaining the included elements.
  • Variations. This is a detailed analysis of how the cost is affected by different variations or scenarios. For instance, “Laws mowing cost is covered by the quote. However, carrying the clippings will cost you an extra 20%” Including variations is an excellent chance to upsell.
  • Revisions. You need to allow yourself the chance to adjust the quotation after starting the work, and finding it entails a lot more than you had anticipated.
  • Schedule for Work. When writing the quotation template, make sure to state when you intend to begin the project and the duration this will take. You should also state whether your schedule is affected by other variables, for example, pleasant weather. It’s essential to set a reasonable timeframe within which you’ll complete your job since you’ll be legally held accountable if you don’t do so.
  • Terms and Conditions of Payment. You need to mention when the payments should be made. The various options include half upfront and half on completion, periodical payments, or a lump-sum payment.
  • Quote Expiry Date. Ensure to indicate the duration within which the quote must be accepted. This is especially vital if you operate in a volatile industry where the prices change quickly.
  • Customer Acceptance Signature. There also should be a “Sign Here” statement on the agreement. For example, “I (name) accept the above terms and conditions. Signed _ Date _
  • Payment Methods. If you’re being paid a deposit fee, you should state your desired payment method.

Word & Excel Quote Templates

A word or excel quote template is a pre-contrived format into which a company can fill in information about the costs of its product or services. The templates are designed so they are compatible with both word and excel documents.


Differences Between an Invoice And Quote Template

It’s easy to confuse the quotation template and invoice, so here’s an overview of the distinguishing elements to know about these two documents;

  • The invoice is non-negotiable, while the quote can be negotiated on the different scenarios.
  • Whereas the invoice is a document showing the progress and completed payments, the Quote is an answer to the Request for Quotation (RFQ).
  • The clients are given the quotation before purchasing an item, whereas the invoice is produced before the payment is made.
  • The quotation acts as a format or suggested estimate of the amount or services to the product to be purchased while the invoice is given before the partial or total payment for the bought product has been made.
  • Unlike the quotation, which may be given through verbal communication, the invoice must always be written.

If you wish to perfect the skill of stating the right quote, you need to learn the quote’s preparation, how to present the quote, and give a response to your customer once the quote has been accepted. It’s very crucial to build these quoting skills to build your customer base and get more work. Here are some of the useful tips to observe when writing a quotation.

Always Give Your Quote in Writing

Although verbal quotations are accepted, it’s always advisable to have the quote in writing to prevent any confusion. This is crucial despite verbal quotes being equally binding to avoid misunderstandings and communication errors.

Ensure A Professional Look

When drafting the quotation, it’s essential to remain professional, and one way of achieving this is by;

  • Having a clear and reasonable structure
  • Make sure to use the company letterhead
  • Carefully inspecting the punctuation and spelling
  • Open the quotation with greetings and give thanks to your clients for this opportunity to give your quotation

Add Value

Your primary goal should be finding a way to distinguish yourself from your competitors. And because clients typically get a minimum of 3 quotes, designing a unique selling strategy allows you to show why you’re the right choice.

Meet The Needs of Your Customer

You should assure your customers or guarantee that you’ll deliver on your quote by;

  • Confirming the quoted price is reasonable to get the job and still make a profit.
  • Never giving a quote unless you’re confident if delivering quality as required by the customer.
  • Don’t assume anything. Instead, you need to fully understand the client’s precise requirements and ensure the customer is clear and concise in explaining what they want.

Follow Up

Use the quotation’s expiry date as the guide whenever you’re following up on the quote. But as you do this, make sure not to be very pushy and instead notify your customer cordially prior to the expiration date.

Bill Marriott Book

Confirm Agreements

Make sure to get the client’s written confirmation once the quote has been accepted before you commence on the assigned tasks.


Should there be significant changes with the job, make sure to revise the quote. It’s advisable o request the customer’s approval before you even proceed with working.

Know Your Business Risks

You must assess your job managing ability. If you have any concerns on whether the job is viable, consider the possible worst-case scenario for better insights. After doing so, you should consider including a clause in the quote safeguarding both parties from unwanted results.

Understand Your Obligations

The quotation is a legally binding document to the agreed-upon terms and conditions of delivering the goods and services. Because of this, make sure to get useful insights from your industry association and details on how to prepare contracts and quotes given by the Office of Fair Trading.

How To Send A Price Quote

In many cases, the price-quote conversations happen through email, whereby the client gets the quote’s PDF version. However, you should never send your customers Sheets/ Excel files used when creating the quote. This is because the editable quotation template is only meant for your personal use and should only send the PDF output you’ve made.

Quote Formats


Quotations Forms (Word, PDF)

A quotation form provides potential buyers with an estimate of the costs involved in a particular project or service. Because most services don’t have a fixed price, you can customize these fillable forms to suit your business needs, depending on the type of service and materials used.


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The quotation template is a vital document for the smooth running of business operations between you and your clients. If you didn’t know where to start preparing one, this in-depth guide has detailed everything you need to know. With these insights, you’ll be able to prepare a comprehensive quote.